How to get Published

These articles are all about the Craft Publication Process - From Beginning to End 

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Where can you get published?
How to submit your projects?
Do you get paid for your published projects?
What can I do to increase my chances of being published?
Which craft companies offer Publication Incentives?
reasons to submit article, tutorial, or design proposals

manufacturers, magazine publishers, book publishers, online publications, and kit manufacturers

  • Compensation: Freelancing for one or more magazines can help create steady cash flow during slow seasons.
  • Publicity: Appearing in a magazine may introduce you to a new audience.
  • Credibility: Being published in a reputable magazine can help to enhance your credibility as a talented artisan and business owner.
  • Networking: You may be interested in connecting with the creative team of a particular magazine, and submitting a proposal will grant you an introduction.

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