Grandma Hoerner's New Treats for a Lovely Brunch

I have to show you these new pouches from Grandma Hoerners! These are Available in a Target store near you! 

I absolutely LOVE Grandma Hoerners! It is about a 2 hour drive away, but is in between our home and the Grtandparents, so we drive by it often! Before, I could only get their Kettle Cooked Apples only at the store, but now I can get them down the street with the new pouches! 

Right now their are only 6 flavors (Shown Above), but they have 16 scrumptious flavors coming out over the next year! 

I used the Boysenberry Chocolate on top of pancakes! I also use the Kettle Cooked Apples in my Amish Friendship bread each year! It makes a Delicious Apple Cinnamon version of the Friendship Bread and makes it so moist! 

Have you seen them in your Target? Is this something you might like to try?

 photo HomespunEleganceSignature7_zps96c24c19.png

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