Free 5x7 chalkboard Freebie - Strong Coffee

When I created this Freebie I had my Grandmother in mind. My Grandma is the backbone of the Kephart Family, and I admire her so. She has been through so much in her life and persevered. She has endured immense love, life and loss and her love, strength, faith and devotion keeps her going. She and my Grandpa have worked so hard all of their lives. My Grandpa is also a Pastor at a small church back in Bakersfield California - Town and Country Baptist.

The last time my little one and I went to California my Grandma loved that I always had a pot of coffee brewing before she rose in the morning. It was also something my daddy (who passed away in 2005) loved when I came home on leave from the US Coast Guard so the pleasure I got from hers was immense.

Grandma, I love you with all of my heart and Mason and I miss you tremendously! 


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