Cupcake Box Tutorial with Cicily from Pink Dalmatian Scrapper

Hi! This is Cicily the Pink Dalmatian Scrapper. I'm excited to be sharing my Cupcake Box tutorial. 
It can also be a cute Gift Box (no cupcakes required).  

All you need are 3 sheets of paper and 3 tools! The paper needs to be double sided, heavy cardstock. A paper trimmer will keep the cuts straight or you can use scissors . A score board will help you get perfect measurements and folds. You also need strong adhesive to keep your box together. Let's get started.

Choose your paper for the actual box. Score at the 3" line on all 4 sides of the 12"x 12" paper. 

I did have a full size score board, but it wasn't user friendly (not a Score-pal) and I love my Score-buddy. I'm able to score the full length of the 12" paper by starting at the top and then moving the paper to score the bottom half. 

The other trick to scoring is the valleys and ridges. This chevron pattern is actually the inside of my box. I'm scoring the inside pattern to create a valley that will smoothly fold over. 

Your paper should now have a 6" square in the center and 3" squares in each corner. With your trimmer cut 3" on each square in a parallel direction. The score marks can be your guide.

Fold the tabs in and you've got your box! I would recommend that you dry-fit your boxes before you apply adhesive to make sure it all goes together correctly. Apply adhesive on the outside of the 3" tabs and the inside of the 6" tab, that way your seams are on the inside of the box.

1 box down, 2 to go! 
You will use the same steps (just different measurements) on the lid and cupcake tray.

For the cupcake tray, I cut an 8" square with four 2.5" circles using my Cricut. Because this tray is going inside your 6" box you have to make it slightly smaller to fit inside (lesson learned the hard way!). 

Score at the 1 1/8" mark or just a bit past the 1". The overall box needs to be slightly smaller then 6". 

Follow all the steps - fold, parallel cuts and adhere the tabs.

Your cupcake tray should fit snug inside your box. 

Now for the lid. You can do this 2 different ways.

With my Cricut I cut a 8.5" square with a frame cut out of the center of it. If you don't have a cutting machine, you can cut a 4 or 4.5" square out of the center. Or you can leave the box with a closed lid and no peak thru window.

You can buy clear acetate or take it from one of your scrapbook packages or even a clear food container! This came from a Prima misting template package - free! To cover my adhesive I ran washi tape around the edges. 

At this point you can choose to have a detached lid. Follow the same steps for the previous boxes.

For an attached lid cut the parallel tabs on one side and cut the tabs off altogether on the other side. Connect the tabs on the one end like you've been doing and adhere the 6" tab to the back of original box.

Now you have your cupcake box tied up all nice with a bow!

Now to bake some yummy cupcakes!

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