Publication Incentives By Companies

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Do you know what Publication Incentives are?

Do you know what companies have Publication Incentives?

Well I am here to help!

Basically, companies WANT YOU to use their products on your projects that will be submitted to Scrapbook and Design Magazines. As an incentive for you to use their products, some have Cash incentives and some have Free Product incentives for Magazine Publications.

Most have some terms that must be met; Not a Digital Magazine, Magazine must site their Product used, a certain % of the completed project must be their product - but all manufacturers requirements are different so be sure to look them up!

Here is a list of Publication Incentives that I have come across. Please feel free to link up ones that you know of in the comments section and I will include them!

Again, if your comapny has a Publication Incentive please let me know! I'd be happy to include it for our readers! 

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