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Make Your Kitchens Shine with Tile Decors

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Tiles are more common (and popular) as flooring or backsplashes but in truth, tiles have so much to offer. Despite their seemingly rigid form, tiles present so many fascinating possibilities. Hold one up, look at it from all angles, and you are sure to come up with a way to incorporate it in your home d├ęcor. 
Some artists (and interior design companies) treat tiles as a canvass, for example. With acrylic or some type of special paint, they create breath taking wall art. Their art are often broken down into smaller square panels with each tile capable of standing on its own. Whenplaced together to make a larger picture, however, the overall effect is nothing short of breath taking.  Apart from ceramics, other gifted designers also use natural stone tiles. For a modern, minimalist effect, soft illumination from task lights center the attention on the textures of the stone tiles.
Inspired by this stroke of genius, here are several ways you can make use of these marvels of architecture. Our list mostly focuses on kitchen items but feel free to add your ideas.
  • Coasters. Whether ceramic or glass, tiles make lovely coasters. One advantage of tile coasters is that they are quite easy to produce. If you are into are DIY and crafts, get those surplus tiles out of storage and craft personalized coasters using photos (through a decoupage-like process) or through paint. Check Pinterest boards or Flickr for samples and you will see how quaint and adorable tile coasters are.
  • Fridge or Dishwasher Magnets.This is another candidate for a DIY project. Like coasters, the process is almost entirely the same except for the magnets.  
  • Dishes. Ceramic, porcelain, or slate tiles – particularly the larger pieces – make unique serving dishes. They are particularly useful as a sushi or cheese platter. Likewise, you can use the tiles as base for placing smaller plates or dishes. Take caution with the cutlery though as the screeching sound of knife or fork on tile can be quite annoying.
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  • Wall art. Go country rustic by hanging hand-painted tiles. Not everyone can replicate Van Gogh’s Starry Starry Night on multiple square tiles but amateur painting does hold a certain charm. It connotes a warm and cozy atmosphere, reminding us of simpler times. While these art pieces may not appear high end, appreciate it for the dimension it adds to your kitchen. For a simpler approach, do word art instead. Take your favourite quote, use a nice font, print it, and again follow the steps for tile coasters. 
  • Wall mosaic or accents. Of course, you can always go back to their original purpose and use tiles to create an interesting focal point in the kitchen. Here you can use glass or metal tiles to liven up a backsplash. If you are taking an old-fashioned approach to your design, consider incorporating reproductions of historical tiles. Victorian reproductions feature flowers with borders while Art Noveau replicas are beautifully glazed with designs slightly embossed. They cost more than a regular tile but they do wonders in bringing spaces to life. 

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