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Good Morning everyone!! I CAN NOT believe it is almost the 4th of July in 2013! It seems as if I age 5 years for 1 year after having a child! ;) The lack of sleep, mental fatigue from continuous arguments about where the Avengers need to sleep, and Mid-Night wake ups for more Vanilla have just rendered me AGED! Preston and I were talking about this other night. It wasn't too long ago that we were ID'd for a Rated R Movie!! LOL - yes, that's right,  the KID working at the Movie Theatre must have thought we were his age because he ID'd us for a 17 and over movie! 

Now I think I think I could ask for the Senior Citizens discount and not a single person would question it! It's just amazing the things that parents go through with their kiddos! The sheer amazing love and beauty of your child, to the disbelief that the animal that just grew horns in front of you, is actually YOUR CHILD, parenting is never dull, that's for sure! 

Well, before I sidetrack myself anymore, let me get on with my project! lol

REMINDER: To be entered to win Free Itty Bitty stamps from Unity, please comment on each project post for this week. The winner will be announced on Monday, here on my blog. 

Day 3 - Today! 

Today, I created a Sweet Home Decor piece, and I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out! 

Close up of the AWESOME Sakura
Glaze Pen Embossing!
I used the Unity Dream Tree Stamp, and stamped onto a plain white sheet of card stock and matted with Corrugated cardstock and a black card stock.  I embossed the tree using a Sakura Clear Glaze Pen and adhered hot fix Rhinestones to the tree. I also used a Momento marker in black to add the dot detailing to the tree. 

Here is a close up of the detailing with the
Black Momento Pen and Randomly spaced
Hot Fix Rhonestones

My Home Depot trip sure came in handy this week! All of the Wood Backgrounds you see in these projects this week (Covered in paper or Burlap) came from the same piece of wood. I bought the least expensive piece and had it cut. Out of this one piece (Costing me roughly 6.00 after taxes) I was able to have 4 6x6's cut, 4 5x5's cut, an 3 11x11 inches cut and I have a few pieces of scraps as well, I will likely use on something! 

I covered the Quarter Round in 3 Strips of
Washi and wrapped around to the Back
Todays project is made from the 11x11 cut. I wrapped this piece of board in Pink Textured card stock. The frame around the project is actually quarter round cut to 2(two) 11" pieces and 2(two) 9 1/2" pieces. I carefully wrapped these pieces in Washi, and glued them down with a wood glue. I also clamped on Binder clamps so it would adhere strongly to the frame. Using either Ribbon or a Frame hook, Hang your project and ENJOY.

Isn't that super easy, and SUPER inexpensive!? 

Total project Cost 
(not including stamp or ink, as those are re-usable items) 
Right around $5.00

That's pretty crazy right?! LOL It blows my mind! 

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