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If you opened your blog to enter challenges and giveaways, much like a lot crafting blogs out there, chances are that you are now realizing the possibilities! Also, it's likely that you have been bitten by the Pageview bug! I think you all know what I mean! That feeling you get when you see your pageviews and following increase! BUT, do you correlate what you are doing and posting on your blog, or what others are posting about your blog, to your stats?

Your Blog Stats are a great tool for you to use, but like any tool, if you have no idea how to use it, it is essentially worthless! Let's make this tool work for you!

If you truly don't care about the pageviews on your blog, then this article is not for you. If you are doing giveaways on your blog, and spending your own money to increase your following, then you will likely want to read this! 

Lets start by going to your Blogs Dashboard (Blogger)

On the Left Hand Toolbar, you will see the Tabs:


Click into the Stats Tab. The Sub Categories you will see are: 

Traffic Sources

Go to the Overview Tab First:        Homespun Elegance  ·  Stats  ›  Overview

You can sort your views by:   NOW  DAY  WEEK  MONTH   ALL TIME

I find the most beneficial for me is the week and month views.

*NOTE: on this page there is a tab that says don't track your own page views. On each device that you log onto your blog from, you will want to check "Don't track my page views." This will provide a more accurate Stat Count and enable you to see what your readers are viewing. 


You will See
  • a graph over the last week broken down by days
  • the top 5 posts with the highest number of views over the last week
  • Traffic Sources: This shows you the Website (and the direct post on that site)  that has sent the most traffic to your blog
  • Audience: This shows you where your readers are located Geographically, and what type of browsers they are using to view your blog

Now let's look a little deeper into Traffic Sources
Overview -----> Traffic Sources -----> VIEW MORE (All Time View)
They are all listed in order of Top Referring to lowest
  • Referring URL's (the specific URL that has sent page views to your blog)
  • Referring Sites (the Web Sites that have sent page views to your blog)
  • Search Keywords (Words that people have searched in an online Search Engine, and ended up on your blog as a result of those key words - THIS IS GOOD!)
What does all of this mean to you?

Well, for starters, you know WHERE your views are coming from. This is a GREAT place to start! 

Referring URLS: It is very likely that you will see Facebook at the top of this. If you don't, you are not using your social networking sites to the fullest. Unfortunately, you can not see the actual person from Facebook that referred the page views to your site for now. I see this being fixed in the near future, with the inception of Page Insights to Facebook. 

If you see Google Search on this list, that is a good thing! (as mentioned above! (but I will get to that in the Search Keywords)

When looking at this list, ask yourself "Why was this URL referring people to my blog?"

Was I participating in a blog hop, and one of the Referring URL's was the Blog before me in the hop?
Was it a Design Team post
A Challenge Entry
and the list can go on

You want to imitate the top reasons that these URLs were referring page views to your blog. 

You may also see some URL's like StatVampire or R-E-F-E-R-E-R - These people SUCK and are trying to draw you to their website. Don't click on them. 

Referring Sites: A lot of these are likely going to be the same as the Referring URL's, but they are combined page views. The URL is the SPECIFIC Web Address (for instance, 1 blog post), Where-as the referring site is the entire SITE that referred the page views. Clear as mud?

Here is another way to look at it. If I were referring Page Views to your blog this is what you would see: 

This posts SPECIFIC (Referring) URL IS:

And the Referring Site would be:

Search Keywords: This is where I think the stats get fun. Someone entered the Key Words Listed in a Search Engine (Google, Ask Jeeves, Yahoo, MSN, etc); The Search engine scoured the internet for the Keywords that were listed; your blog came up, and they clicked on it. Look at those Keywords, they are very important. Use them often!

I sure hope that this helps some of you with some of the Basics of reading your stats!! Please leave feedback!

If you have a great idea for an article for the Blogger University series that you would like to share with our readers as a Guest Designer, please email me at: 
homespun elegance {dot} jk {at} gmail {dot} com
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