Pretty Paper Pretty Ribbons Guest Designer - Superhero Backpack

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Good Morning Friends! Excited it's Friday? I'm a little groggy today as this was not one of my normal pre-posted projects!! So my deadline of 5 am is swiftly approaching!!  It is 4:24 am - TALK about getting in under the wire! Starbucks opens in ONE HOUR - START COUNT DOWN!   

It's not that my project hasn't been done, but there is SO MUCH more that I have in mind to use with this Pretty Paper Pretty Ribbons file that I just wasn't realistic about all I could get done!! Hmmmmm Sound like a lot of us maybe?

What I get to share with you today was another really fun project for my kiddo. Mason was able to help me the "painting" (Actually spraying, of this bag, and he had THE best time!) I do suggest stripping your little one down to their diapers tho! It was messy as is any 3 year old activity!! 

Grab your Bag 
I used this bag from 3 Girl JAM - it is only 3.00 - snag the 14x18 backpack
An old sheet or lots of newspaper 
to catch the spray
A Spritzer 
Pick these up in your local stores travel size toiletries section - they are WAY less expensive here than in your crafting store!
Fabric Paint
I used Tulip Fabric Paint - diluted 3/4 water and 1/4 Fabric paint

Go outside and go to town spraying your bag! Its fun for you and the kiddos! Let dry at least 48 hours.

We used the Cutting File from Pretty Paper Pretty Ribbons Store "Superheros" Let me tell you, my kiddo is in LOVE with this file! I had to print them all out the first night onto card stock and he slept with Captain America! No joke, this Momma wasn't getting any sleep that night if he didn't have his MIGHTY Captain America with him! ;) 

Aren't they SO CUTE!?

I printed off the Captain America Jpeg onto Avery Printable Iron on Transfer. One thing I will mention is I had NO IDEA that the WHITE would not transfer over. All of the white ended up clear and the Blue Fabric Paint is seeping through heavily. I will be looking into different Transfers for this reason. If you have any suggestions send them my way!

Hand cut around the image
place onto your bag image side down
Use and old (clean) kitchen towel to cover the Iron On and Iron
Let completely cool before peeling away backing

For the Letters I used my Imagine and printed them in black
REMEMBER: FLIP LETTERS! lol I have a note sticking to my image with these words and you still wouldn't believe HOW many times I have to re-print anything with words on it because I forgot to flip the image! 

And that's IT! Now my little bug has a bag that he puts all of his Mighty Heros in to take to Grandmas and Grandpas! Of course he also just puts in on and runs around the house with it too ;) 

I have so many projects I will be doing with this file for my kiddos room, and actually plan to redo his room in this theme! I can't wait to share them as I get them completed! I will be making over:

Pillow Cases
His Craft Table & Chairs
Making a Personalized Story Book with Might Captain Mason

Think of all of the ways this file can be used! for your little one!

I absolutely love the cutting files, printable papers, and stamp images from Pretty Paper Pretty Ribbons. The Designer, Lisa Norris is incredibly talented! I hope that you will check her out! 


Oh, and I HIGHLY recommend signing up for the Newsletter!! Every Friday you get a free file from Lisa and exclusive in the know about Coupon Codes!! 

They also have a BRAND NEW CHALLENGE


If you don't have a cutting machine like the silhouette or software that work on your Electronic Die cutting machine (IE - Cricut Expression, Pazzles, etc) believe it or not you can STILL use these files! While I have a cameo, I did not use it for this project. Here are a few alternatives to use Cutting files without the Cameo:

Use the Jpeg image provided on most Files (Read the description first to make sure what you are purchasing comes with one!)

Print on Cardstock or Iron on transfer as I did here

Handcut around image: As I did here

Use a Die and your Big Shot or other handcranked Die Machine to cut around image and use on your project as you do any other Die!

Its super easy! 


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