Pinque Peacock Love, Giveaway & Exclusive Coupon Code!

Hello Peacocks!! Jessica here from Homespun Elegance

I met the Lovely Jessica Buffa a little over 2 years ago, and friends, let me tell you, this girl is just sweet as strawberry pie! I couldn't be more excited to be a Guest Pinquette for today! 

I got the most DELICIOUS Pinque goodies to play with!

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OK, I absolutely LOVE being able to snap accessories off and on to coordinate different pieces! When I got in these adorable rolled Fabric Flowers from Pinque Peacock, I KNEW I had to have my own accessories with them! I had just gotten this darling Lace Dress, but I thought it needed a little accessorizing, but I had no idea what, until I got my Pinque Package!! After that, it completely fell together on it's own! 

What I LOVE about this, is I can take them off, and put them on other items quickly and easily to accessorize and I'm out the door! 

I added a Pin to the back with a little hot glue & as easy as Pie, I can accessorize any way I choose! 

I just couldn't get enough! so the next day I grabbed my Flowers and added them to my Tank Top for a little Pinque Flare! 

This adorable Set is the 

What would you just LOVE to accessorize with these adorable handcrafted Buttons and Flowers?

 And for my Featured Pinque Peacock Top 5 Product Picks! 

(I can't even tell you how long it took to pick just 5!!) 

Don't you just LOVE the Sweet Neapolitan Stick Pins!? I sure do! 

The Nana's PillowCase Fabric Covered Buttons are simply Divine! 

I can't resist these camera Fabric Covered Buttons! 
Smile, Snap Share! 

Red Burlap Fabric Covered Buttons - I am IN LOVE with these and I can not wait to use the ones I just got in!! 

Splendid Swirls Fabric Flowers mixed Set! 

Want to get my Top 5 Picks at an exclusive price!?

Splendid Swirls Fabric Flowers mixed Set {5}
Red Burlap Fabric Covered Buttons
Smile, Snap Share Fabric Covered Buttons
Nana's PillowCase Fabric Covered Buttons
Sweet Neapolitan Stick Pins

Get all of these for the AMAZING LOW PRICE of $17.22 
(before Shipping & Taxes)
Just be Sure to use your code Homespun18 at check out!! 

 Want to know how to order?!?!

Go to Pinque Peacocks Facebook Page
View their Albums

Here is a chance for you to win the BRAND NEW RELEASE
Smile, Snap Share!! 

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