Weekend Retreat Fun!! And the Winner of The Tiger's Eye Earrings!!

So this weekend was filled with FUN FUN FUN at the Ain't She Crafty Retreat!

The Make and Takes were fantastic, the Prizes AMAZING, and the room was filled with some extraordinary Talent!! I was so amazed, thrilled and excited to be a part of this retreat! It was the first annual Ain't She Crafty Retreat! If you aren't signed up on Beth's Blog - make sure to sign up to get the notifications for next's years retreat! {It will likely be held in the FABULOUS state of Washington, and I certainly plan to be in attendance!!}

 Here is most of the group!

Elizabeth Matsko, Myself, and my Lovely GF Tash Brooke {Natasha Harding Brooke}

Myself, Elizabeth Matsko, and Beth Kingston

lol Woo Hoo!! A picture of me Hard at work!! 

This was snuck in by the Fabulous photographer at the event! Make sure to Check out Busy Bee Photography! She taught an incredible class on photography, and took some amazing photos of the event! 

Another photo of the Group! 

Thanks for stopping by today! I've got a super busy week of editing photos, posts, and Guest Design Team work that I can't wait to share with you all!! 

And a lot of Housework since I was out this weekend ;) and the house was run by the Men! 

ALSO AS PROMISED!! Guess who the winner of the Tiger's Eye Sterling Silver Earrings is? I am SUPER excited to announce that it is my DEAR SWEET FRIEND Heather Flaherty of PaperCrafterAnonymous!!

I absolutely ADORE Heather! If you haven't Checked out her blog recently you absolutely have to! She is SUCH an inspiration to me, and has been there for me in more ways than I can begin to say, so i am SUPER happy that she won! Heather, I love you girlie, and I don't need your address or anything! lol I will get them in the mail this week!!

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