Making Money from your Blog

Have you always wondered how people make money off their blogs? This is the down and dirty version to adding Advertisements to your blog. There are many other options, but to get started today try some of these! I was literally able to upload ads within minutes of signing up for these programs. 

First thing to do, sign up for your Affiliate Account. Sites usually ask for a Business ID number. For most of us, this is our Social Security Number. Also, make sure that once you sign up, you enter your blog where the Ads will be displayed. It is how they will track "leads" form your blog.

Important Note: Include all of your websites and blogs - For instance, if you have a seperate URL for a challenge blog that you intend to place an Advertisement on, include the site. 

Here are my recommended Affiliate Sites:
(I will be using these sites on my blog posts related to optimizing Ad space on your Blog in the "Blogger Help Series" on my blog)


Amazon Affiliate

Google AdSense

Put your business on the Web with a Free Domain!

Crafting Specific Affiliate Programs

Lettering Delights Affiliate

Above Rubies Studios Affiliate

Craft Cruises Affiliate Program

Paper Source Affiliate Program

Ok, so once you have signed up and have entered your blog address into the affiliates account, you are ready to start uploading Ads!!

Go to the Affiliates Site. Sites have different sizes of Banner Ads, Block Ads, and Items in their advertisements for you to select from that fits your blog best. Select which ads you want, and copy the code provided and simply insert into your blog. 

To insert an Ad (Blogger):  Go to your blogger account

--->Dashboard --->Layout --->Add a Gadget --->HTML --->Insert HTML provided from the Affiliate Account and Save. Move this box to preferred placement on your blogs sidebars. 

Seriously easy peasy! Let me know if you have any questions! I will be doing Helpful Tips for Bloggers on a recurring basis! I think the need is there! Let me know what you think or what you would like to see or need help with! 

This will not likely pay your mortgage each month, but everything helps right!! 
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