Little Prince Blog Hop - Day 1 - Easy Onsies with all FREE PRINTABLES!

Good morning all and welcome to the little Prince Blog Hop! I am so excited to have you stop by for Day 1 of this Hop and I hope that you will return for all 3 days to see what this group of incredible Designers have created for the Little Princes in their lives! 

Also, HAPPY EASTER! Thank you for taking time out of your day to stop by! 

First, before I forget, I want to announce the Winner in the event page for the Cuckoo Clock Unity Stamp Set!! 


Please email me your shipping address to homespunelegance.jk@gmail. com

If you would like to win a Unity Stamp Set, Click Here! Entries Close April 1st 2013 at Midnight CST

There are amazing Prizes on each stop of this hop, so be sure not to miss a single one of them! You have 5 Days (Through April 5th at Midnight CST) to get through all of the stops on this Hop. We really just don't want you to rush through, comment and follow for the Prizes! Rather, we would love for you to stop in when you can throughout the week, take your time, enjoy and learn from the projects, and comment and follow the Designers along the way! 

Here is my Project for Today:

Before I tell you how much these Onsies Cost to make TOTAL,  I wanted to show you the end result. 

I made a Chevron Tie, and a Mustaches Tie. I made the Mustache Tie Long and Skinny which seems to be the trend with ties right now, and of course, Mustaches are HOT. The Chevron Onsie is for my Sweet friend Sarah who is Due June 1st!  Also, Jillian Shelton, a Designer on this Hop, just found out Friday that she is having a Little Prince! :) So I made the Mustache one for her!

OKAY - So ready to find out TOTAL COST PER ONSIE? (This price includes the cost of the onsie and NO, I did not buy in bulk or on wholesale!) 

$1.50 each (approx)
breakdown of cost below

I sincerely apologize about the grainy quality of my photos!! I am still using my phone for pictures at the moment! Please bear with me until I can use my DSLR again! How I miss the quality and clarity of that camera! 

I always do something on the rear sides of Onsies! They just feel incomplete if I don't!

What you will need:
I tried to make this a project that everyone can re-create with items most will have already in their household! 
Onsie: Check out your local Dollar Store. I paid 1.10 (with tax)

Avery Light T-Shirt Transfer - I scored these on clearance 6 pack/$4.89     Breakdown per onsie is about .40 cents 

Free Tie Printable -

Free Pattern Printables -

You will likely have: Scissors, Pen, Sharpee Marker, Iron, Printer, Paper
I used a small Circle Punch for the buttons, but if you do not have one, use a Button the size you want and trace and hand cut.

Step 1: Print your pattern (Melstampz linked above, has thousands of free amazing printables in her online Library) onto your Printable Iron-on Transfer

Step 2: Print your Tie Pattern (linked above) and Cut 

Step 3: Trace onto your Iron-on Transfer on back side

Step 4: Hand Cut 

Step 5: Iron Onsie for a flat Surface (Use iron on Cotton Heat)

TIP: Leave a little extra at the neck line to make sure it tucks underneath the Onsie Seam AS SHOWN BELOW

Step 6: Tuck Neck Line under Seam and make sure Tie is placed evenly

Once you start Ironing, there is NO GOING BACK :) 

Step 7: Place a clean cloth (I use a clean Dish Towel) over the Trasfer and iron. Ensure you cover the entire surface of the transfer. 

Step 8: Let Cool before pulling off Transfer Backing 

Tip: Once you have peeled off the Backing do not use your Iron on this again! If any of the corners have not secured completely, place the Onsie inside out in your Dryer on the lowest heat setting available to secure in place. 

For the buttons I used a Small Circle Punch and the Leftover Transfer. I created the Button holes with a Sharpee Marker. Place Buttons where you want them and follow Steps 7 and 8. 

Tip: When Ironing on another transfer, make sure you are not heating any other transfers already in place! From past experience, I assure you, this will ruin your project! What to do instead? Put a protective layer, like cardboard between the Onsie.

I hope you liked this quick, easy and inexpensive way to create a Home Made Onsie!!

Today for my fabulous giveaway, I have the Emily Original Headband and the SET of Trimmers Sunshiney Day from Toxic Sass!! I am super jealous that these are going to someone else! LOL I got to pick the prizes from Toxic Sass, and I'm telling you, this Headband and the Toxic Trimmers are FABULOUS!! 

Emily Original

Sunshiney Day Trimmers Set
Adorable Right!! 

   Below is an inspiration photo on how to use your amazing trimmers!! 

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Stop back by here tomorrow morning for another fun project, giveaway, and FAB inspiration from our Designers! 
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