Elmos Surprise Party Cartridge party decor

Hello again!! Sorry that it's been so long since I have been with you all! 

My Son is absolutely entranced with ELMO right now! To go to sleep he has to have 3 things, his bankie (blanket), mook (milk) and EMO (Elmo). With his Second birthday right around the corner I have had to start getting some things ready for his party and of course we will be featuring none other than EMO!!

For my projects I used the Elmo's Party Cricut Cartridge - this cartridge has some FANTASTIC party decor items on it!! You will need a 12x24 mat for the party - so please be aware~! 

On to the projects!! 

First up!

Elmo Cupcake Wrapper and Toothpick Decoration! All decorations were cut on my Cricut Expression 2 Anniversary Edition

The Wrappers were cut at 2.5 inches with all layers - I thought they were so cute as was I didn't do anything but ink the edges in red. I would have cut them slightly larger though - maybe 2.6. 

The toothpick Decorations were cut at 1.5 inches on 8.5x11 inch cardstock and comes to quantity of 30 which was perfect. I did the base in black twice (for a total of 60) as I needed a backing for his mouth and a backing piece for the toothpick - I didn't realize this until I started assembling this - but that is the great part about this blog! You get to read about my mistakes first and NOT DO THEM 

Up Next is the Elmo Party Hat!

The hat was cut on red cardstock that was 12*24 inches (and on my 12x24 mat) @ 5.25. I also had to rotate it 90 degrees. I used Yellow and Blue Bling and two of the toothpick decorations as accents for the hat. I glossed the Elmo faces with glue. 

The large Elmo bag (shown below) was cut at 10.85 inches, and the small bag was cut at 5.0 inches. Really, the only thing the smaller bag may be good for is a 6 pack of crayons or something small for the party, but I just thought the bag was so cute!! 

For the Banner, the background pieces are pre-programmed shapes in the Anniversary Edition V2 in the Essentials Cartridge and cut to 7.5 inches. Mason just selected his favorite EMO'S and Mommy's machine cut them :) I cut "elmo" from the Elmo's Party Cartridge as well. I did use some Major 3-d Pop dots :) They have some major dimension!

Thank you for coming back and checking in! I really appreciate it and love hearing from all of you!


Valentines Day Social - It's Finally Here!!

I have been eagerly waiting to bring everything together for you for the Valentine’s Day Social!! I meant to have it up yesterday for you, but in the midst of decorating, hosting, baking, cooking, playing with the little one, setting the little one down to nap, Opppps SNAP a picture, wrapping gifts, tying bows, icing cupcakes, playing YAHTZEE with my family, and the list goes on and on  there was no chance. So, I apologize, but we had a fantastic time and I am VERY happy to share our day with you and hoping that you can create a fantastic Valentine Event for your own family to share! The party was at my Mother’s house and was a very small party with her husband, two sisters, my uncle, one of their grandsons, and of course myself, Mason and Preston. The meal was soups (a taco soup and baked potato soup) and grilled cheese (pepper jack and American) sandwiches. 


 To view how to make this Banner CLICK HERE

 To learn how to make the Love is Tweet Picture Featured Below CLICK HERE

 To get the recipe for the Sugar Cookies CLICK HERE


 To view how to make these Cupcake Charms above CLICK HERE

I wrapped Andes Mint Chocolates and Werther's Coffee Candies in Valentine themed Papers. To view how to decorate your candy pieces CLICK HERE

Last year after Valentines Day I scored a mini-heart cupcake maker on Clearance for 3.50!! 

I made a boxed German Chocolate Cake and added red food coloring then cut off the stem. They made delicious little snacks :) They were the perfect size for my Son to have one. I melted a bag of Marshmallows, added some milk and raspberry extract and red gel food coloring and piped it into the middle of the two hearts and turned it into the sprinkles! And there you have it! Whoopie Pies!!

To see how to make the pinwheels below CLICK HERE

 To see how to make these candles CLICK HERE

Thank you so much for visiting each day to see what I've made for the Valentine's Day Social! I did want to include my Momma's Yummy Frosting Recipe! It is sooo light and fluffy and is all she uses now (and can be sugar free! WOO HOO!!) 


1 Cup of Milk
1 package of pudding (any flavor you like) my mom's fav is White Chocolate - Sugar free for me!! 
Mix together
Add 1 tub of cool whip (Use Sugar free and Fat Free for ppl like me! or dieters :)

My Mom also put together these DARLING goody bags in the punch bowl. They are Hot Chocolate Mixes, Pink Spoons dipped in White Chocolate with red sprinkles and pink chips, the cutest fuzzy socks I've ever seen and Bath and Body Works Lotions! They were Definitely a hit!! Another Party Favor we had were Amaryllis flowers in beautiful red flower pots to grow. :)

Again, thank you so much for stopping by! IT IS NOW VALENTINES DAY! SO........



Hello Kitty Giveaway V-Day Social!

Drumroll Please!! 

And the winner of the Hello Kitty Resins......
Celeste who said:

These are so super adorable. i am a new follower of your blog and facebook page.
I shared on my facebook page....
Thank you for the chance to win.

Congrats Celeste!! Please contact me at with the subject line HK Winner and include your shipping address :) I will get them out just ass soon as I receive your info! 

Now back to the Valentines Day Social!! 

Here are some SCRUMPTIOUS and EASY Sugar cookies!

Sugar Cookie Recipe
  • 1 1/2 cups softened butter
  • 2 cups white sugar
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 5 cups all-purpose flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt


  1. In a large bowl, cream together butter and sugar until smooth. Beat in eggs and vanilla. Stir in the flour, baking powder, and salt. Cover, and chill dough for at least one hour (or overnight).
  2. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C). Roll out dough on floured surface 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick. Cut into shapes with any cookie cutter. Place cookies 1 inch apart on ungreased cookie sheets.
  3. Bake 6 to 8 minutes in preheated oven. Cool completely.

Icing Recipe
  • 1 cup confectioners' sugar
  • 2 teaspoons milk
  • 2 teaspoons light corn syrup
  • 1/4 teaspoon almond extract (For a real treat - cinnamon extract in the red coloring)
  • red gel food coloring or no coloring for the white
  1. In a small bowl, stir together confectioners' sugar and milk until smooth. Beat in corn syrup and almond (or cinnamon) extract until icing is smooth and glossy. If icing is too thick, add more milk.
 Recipes from ALLRECIPE.COM with variations to suit my tastes :)

Please note - although I am a diabetic not all of my recipes are sugar free!!


Cricut Cartridges

The Yummy Imagine Art Cartridge is JUST perfect to display your delicious and tempting treats! If you were debating on getting this cartridge before you are going to take the plunge after today!! 

Here is the layout side by side in my Son's scrapbook.

There were numerous CREATIVE cuts from various Cricut cartridges - so bear with me!!

  • Country Life Cartridge
  • View Larger
  • Description:Enjoy life on the farm! The Country Life cartridge is chock-full with layered images of sheep, pigs, fruits, grains, and other rustic themed accessories. The quirky uppercase font, banners, and phrases were all designed with life in the country in mind.
  • Manufacturer:
  • Country Life Digital Set
  • View Larger
  • Description:Incorporate the charm of the simple life into your creative projects. The Country Life cartridge has layered images of sheep, pigs, fruits, grains, and other farm accessories. Plus, quirky uppercase font, banners, and phrases that are perfect for your cou
  • Manufacturer:
  • Yummy Digital Set
  • View Larger
  • Description:Create designs no one will be able to resist with the Yummy image set. This party-themed image set is filled with a variety of cakes, cupcakes, sweets, presents, and more. You can also customize the images you use for your party d├ęcor, cards, and other pr
  • Manufacturer:
  • Cricut® Pagoda Cartridge
  • View Larger
  • Description:Capture a glimpse of Eastern Asia! This elegant cartridge has fifty stylized icons with layers and shadows, kanji characters and translations, tags, and cards. With pandas, fans, lanterns, and much more, you will be amazed by all this cartridge has to off
  • Manufacturer:
  • Pagoda Digital Set
  • View Larger
  • Description:Add a little Asian flair to your designs. The Pagoda digital cartridge features 50 stylized icons, plus kanji characters, tags, and cards. You'll love creating inspired designs with pandas, fans, lanterns, and much more.
  • Manufacturer:
  • From My Kitchen Digital Set
  • View Larger
  • Description:Create fun, kitchen-themed crafts with a chic, retro look. The From My Kitchen digital cartridge is filled with images of appliances, utensils, baked goods, animals, and more. You'll love using this digital cartridge for recipe cards, cookbooks, scrapbook
  • Manufacturer:
  • Cricut® From My Kitchen Cartridge
  • View Larger
  • Description:Share your greatest family recipes! This new cartridge is filled with classic kitchen images such as appliances, utensils, and food that can be layered to create unique designs. Use the recipe words, numbers, tabs, and recipe cards, to give your old recip
  • Manufacturer:
  • Vintage Papers Digital Set
  • View Larger
  • Description:Add an antique touch to your creative projects with the Vintage Papers image set! You will fall in love with the variety of papers including sheet music, ledgers, checkerboards, and more. The color palette features rich reds, blues, browns, and other vint
  • Manufacturer:
  • Audrey Digital Set
  • View Larger
  • Description:Add a pinch of savoir-faire to your creative projects with the Audrey image set. This image set features tasteful patterns of flowers, flourishes, and so much more. The color palette includes a variety of yellows, greens, blues, and other colors.
  • Manufacturer:

For the Silver Utensils I used the My Kitchen Cartridge (also available in digital format)  and a Shiny Metallic Paper and cut at 1.5 and 1.75 inches. The Canister is actually the table from the Yummy Imagine Digital Cart  (layer) and flipped over. 

And of course there is my darling Son at 4.5 months old! 

This sweet little table Table comes from the Country Life Cricut Cartridge (or in digital format) and is the sewing machine. I cut off the sewing machine from the top, added bling for the knobs. 

For the Cake and stand it was a modge podge of items from the Yummy Cartridge. I used the cake and stand from page 5, the cover from 16 filled with a print from the yummy cartridge and the Eyelet ribbon from the pennant from page 16 and added bling (still with me? ) 

For the Cupcake stand I did the Same (yummy Cart) - the plate was from page 6 (bottom half) and adhered to the stand on page 6 (top half) and I added some 3-d cupcake resins that I had. 

The banners were made from the Yummy Cartridge as well 1.3 inches (various layers, various bling, and twine to string together) all of the circles were cut out for each piece to stamp the words SWEET SHOPPE.

On this page the Candy Cannisters were cut from the Yummy cartridge on Page 15. I cut all of the layers of the candy. I first used stickles on them, and then used 3D modge podge on them. They turned out just perfect!! I used Small bling and larger bling in them as little candies as well. 

The Table and Shelf are actually cut from the Pagoda Cartridge (Pagoda in Digital format) . I put this in my imagine, and filled with the Audrey Cartridge and used fit to page. I lobbed off the top and middle to make the Shelf and table! It worked out great!! 

The Cupcakes were also cut from the Yummy cartridge and blinged and 3-d's with Modge Podge Dimensional Magic! 

Thank you so much for stopping by!! Hope that you will come again soon!! 

Also, I am having a HELLO GIVEAWAY HERE so be sure to check it out!! Deadline for entry is midnight tonight so make sure you have your entry in!!!