Scrappy Layout and SOME NEWS!

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This project was for the Pink by Design 2 year Anniversary! They didn't link up correctly, so I have been posting them throughout the month. I just love this layout sketch that Gloria chose to work with!! There are so many elements to this sketch that you don't even see until you really get into your design! It was a lot of fun!

Sarah and I worked on ours at the same time, and it is incredible the differences you can get in a layout from the exact same sketch!

Really?! Is that not the sweetest sentiment ever!

These pictures are from Mason's Easter last year! My how he has grown! He has Hair now too!! ;)

I have some fantastic news to share with you all! You may not have known, but I have resigned from my position with the Department of Veterans Affairs, for health reasons, and my last day will be today (If pre-post decides to work for me this time!) I will be staying home with my Son, Mason and working on getting my Type I (LADA) Diabetes and other health issues on track! This is a HUGE step for our family, but I think will make a world of difference in the quality and quantity of my life and time with my Lil Man.

So, I am on another Fabulous Journey!! I am very lucky to have a Pre-K Teacher on my team!! The lovely Tiffany Simmons is a Teacher, and about to go back next week to start setting up her class room! I feel so very fortunate to have her to be able to call ;) She gave me some fantastic advice! I had this curriculum set up - Very unrealistic INDEED ;)

We will be working on Mason's ABC's. 1 Letter per week. Tiffany said not to make the set times too long. 10 - 15 minutes tops per project or assignment. Well, in the next few days, I will need to revisit my planned curriculum ;) I have 30 min to an hour set aside!! I tried this theory out the past two days- that I have been working on the Letter "A" with him.

Yep, that holds true.;) 10 minutes, TOPS, is what his attention span will hold per activity. Tiffany also suggested coming back to it multiple times per day. She also suggested dexterity tasks with Play Doh - So, I will be getting alphabet Cookie Cutters, and we will be having a play-doh party!

I can NOT wait to share with you our new adventures!! This is really a VERY exciting time for me. My hope is to be healthy, happy, and have all the time in the world with the AMAZING MASON!!

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