Stamping Technique - Ceramic Tiles

Good Morning Everyone!! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend with us at www.pinkbydesignstamps.com over the weekend!! If you missed it, you missed a lot! We had great challenges every hour on the hour, great giveaways, and a live challenge at the U-stream!!

Here was my Challenge - Home Decor - and i wanted to share this project in case anyone missed it!! I had a lot of fun creating this project, and I always try to think of something fun, and to use my stamps in different ways than the norm!

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Would you believe me if I told you this entire project cost under $2.00? Yeah, I wouldn't have either, if I didn't make it ;)
I used Four 4x4 ceramic tiles @ .44 cents each $1.32
1 3/8 inch Dowel @ .29 cents .29
Scrap piece of wood from Home Depot FREE = 1.61 with some room for taxes and price differences ;)

Other supplies that I did not include in cost, as I will be using them again or cost was too small to consider
Pink by Design Stamps - Make it a Venti
Stayzon Ink in Jet black
Kraft Paper
Drill gun and Bits
Four Furniture Pads
Gorilla Wood Glue

Aren't they adorable!!! I used two short (2.5 inches) Dowels in the front so that it didn't overtake the coaster design, but the ones in the back are taller and constructed to be more sturdy to hold them.

I used furniture pads on the bottom of the coasters to keep them from scratching any furniture! These are the only sizes that I had on hand!! So, if you are making these, use smaller ones ;)

Okay, when constructing the Base, you will need a drill gun, Drill bit set, your cut dowels, I cut at 4 inches and 2.5 inches (about 1/2 an inch will be in the base piece of wood). I marked each cut, and left more room in the front than in the back, as to display the stamped card stock up front. No one is really going to ohh and aww about the stamped images behind the last dowels

Start with your smallest bit, and work your way up to the size of dowel you have, one by one. This is important so that your piece of wood does not crack. Drill each hole, cut Dowels to length and sand, and pop in holes. Adhere with a little wood glue and your base is set.

For the stamping on the tiles, it is very important to move quick. I tried this multiple times, and the clearest and best result was to ink, place on tile and remove immediately. On some stamping it is best to place stamp, put even pressure and move slow - NOT ON THESE!! Even pressure is good, but it must be quick or as soon as you remove your stamp from the ceramic tiles, it takes back up the ink.

ONLY use stayzon ink - there are other colors besides black

Keep in mind, Stayzon will come off of these tiles with LOT'S of elbow grease and alcohol wipes. :) This is GREAT news, and how I was able to play with the technique over and over until I got something that I was happy with. 

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Tasha said...

These are so cute! I'm going to try this.

Homespun Elegance said...

We can try this weekend!! <3

Dawn Woolf said...

These are great! I've done coasters like this before but never made the base for them.

You can also cover the back of the tile with cork instead of using the dots.

Thanks for sharing!

Walking on Water said...

Love it and will do something like this in the future when I move in my new place...thanks for sharing and what a great gift idea too! :D

Lori Apgar said...

Love your coasters!!!!!

Paula said...

Cute idea. I have made coasters like this on unglazed tiles but never on glazed ones like these. I like the clean look of sharp, simple designs.

BTW- Magic Erasers will take Stazon off of smooth surfaces with little or no hard rubbing.