DIY Organization for Ribbon and Supplies

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 I was cleaning up my craft area last night, and I decided that I needed some new holders for my tools, markers, pens and scissors. This is a QUICK and EASY (Just like I like it!) way to take some things you would normally throw away, and re-use it and make it beautiful AND organize some things! Doesn't just need to be for your crafty items! Would look great at your office, whether at home or outside of the home!                                 

(Click photos to enlarge)

Want to know what they are? :) They are 2 black bean cans, a large green bean can, and a used candle! ;)  Here is the proof!

This is SO Simple!! I cut 12x12 paper in strips to fit, adhered it with my ATG gun, and cut my ribbon for the top and bottom and used the ATG gun there as well! Super Duper Easy!!

To find out more on how to re-use the candle with further instructions CLICK HERE

I had also decided that I needed to finally clean up my loose ribbons - this takes a bit longer to organize, but is well worth the effort, is clean and tidy, and I am not buying more ribbon because I don't know what all I have or I can't seem to find it!! ;)

I Purchased 2 packs of 6 3M stick mount Cup Hooks, and re-used the packaging and wound ribbon around it. I also used some packaging from a stamp set as shown below and fancied it up for you, although, really, I don't need my stuff really gussied up But wanted to show you how simple it is!

This is the backing to the stamp set. I cut it in half to have to pieces.  I cut 12x12 paper to size and adhered with my ATG Gun, I used a hole punch at the top and starting to wrap the ribbon around, I secured the ribbon at the tip with a dab of my ATG tape. 

This one is not gussied up and is the packaging for the Cup mounts ;) LOL

Here they are on my ribbon holder all neat and organized! If you would like the instructions on how to make this HUGE ribbon holder, CLICK HERE

GREAT TIP - I always secure the ends of my ribbon with a dab of my ATG gun so that it stays in place.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Please leave me a comment! I always LOVE hearing from you and hope that I have inspired you to be creative with what you have!



Creative M said...

Great Job on recyclying your cans and putting them to use!!!I used my coffee can for my markers,glue dots,paper flowers etc.....TFS

Laurie said...

Awesome. I'm using my collection of extra coffee mugs and baby food jars to hold some of my stuff.

"Midge" said...

Great ideas! I need to do something with my ribbon asap!
Midge :)

Homespun Elegance said...

lol Ribbon is u HUGE problem! I mae the ribbon holder on my own in one weekend and tho it takes up a good chunck of wall space, but is really useful!


CJ - Food Stories said...

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