Creative Kuts U-stream! My First Paper Peicing

I just wanted to share with you my first paper peicing project!! Cheryl, owner of Creative Kuts, was kind enough to have a U-stream, with a freebie file so those of us, that did not know how to paper peice could learn. We learned about the type of files and formats they come in, unzipping, the machines that are compatible with these files, and I found out VERY quickly that I was going to be hand cutting :)  

My friend Natasha came over last night too and made one with me while we watched the Ustream :) Didn't she do SUCH a lovely job!!? This is Tash's first time really card making, and she is learning all of the nifty things about paper products, tools, and companies out there!! ;)


Tasha said...

It was a blast! Thank you for teaching and helping me in my journey of paper crafting.

Dee said...

what a cute card love it!

Norma G. said...

You both did a beautiful job!

Marji said...

Great cards!! Good job first timers :)
It's not so bad huh?

"Midge" said...

Adorable! And look how cute the resins look on there!

Carol said...

Beautiful card. TFS