Recovering....From Two Year Olds Birthday Party...Been there??

Good morning all! So I am thinking maybe, just maybe, I attempted to do WAY too much yesterday :) No way, NOT ME ;) LOL But they way that yesterday worked out in Two Year Olds Fashion I can only say one word.


and that just simply sums up lost phone, unbrella caving in the corral and knocking everything over, only having 20 minutes to set up the decor - are you KIDDING - LOT's of little ones and friends that I haven't seen in some time with ZERO time to converse :( A goat eating my dress (Really do you ever hear about that happening!!), a pinata full of never ending candy that the kiddos actually were able to sort through and decide if they REALLY wanted that piece of Candy, 40 balloons stuck together in tangled knots that there was NO WAY I would have the time untangle them so they sat in a heap at the edge  of our corral :) oh how I could just go on and on!!

The surprise was supposed to be what I had envisioned in my head :) My Lavishly decorated and awesome ELMO Corral, 20 kids happily eating their elmo cupcakes and opening their Elmo packages all at the same time putting on funny glasses - HAHAHAHA - REALITY CHECK!!! 

So, please forgive me for not being able to follow through, but I am lucky enough to have survived yesterday, so I am taking a pass!! I do have a LOT of lessons learned though! This is only my Second time around :)
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