Leave a Giveaway, Share a Giveaway!

Hello all my lovely friends!! This morning I wanted to share with you all a project that some friends and I have been working on!

Big thanks to my dear friends!! If you have somehow missed these girls pages, go check them out for some FAB inspiration!!!

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I started this page first to Help with the opening of Ginger Snap Scraps, but would also like a communal page where ppl like us can post our giveaways! Yes, I know it has been done before :) LOL BUT once this page gets going I am hoping that it will be a self served machine that will produce GREAT results!

As I am new to the blogging and FB networking world I would truly love and value opinions of everyone in this room as I go along and hope to help us all along the way!! From the other giveaway rooms, I have checked my stats from blogger and EEEECK zero clicks to my own page (because people are only going into the rooms to drop off a giveaway, and not usually looking around at what others are giving away - and obviously that will not work), BUT on other bloggers sites that list my giveaways (FB or in Blogger) it produces results.

Here are some of my thoughts on how to make this room successful to promote your site. Please note these are NOT requirements (except the part about being polite and courteous ), however, if you think about the ultimate goal, I think that everyone would be more than HAPPY to contribute!! ;)

1. If you "Drop Off" a giveaway simply "pick one up" and 1 either share on FB, or 2 Share on your blog - A new post, or in a sidebar label. I have one HTML box on my sidebar where I happily promote other bloggers giveaways (so if you have one, please send me the HTML and pic, please make it as easy as possible for me!! lol). I know this way is by far the most time consuming, but it produces the best results as it remains on your page until you move it :) If you are a stamp maker - obviously I don;t expect you to grab another stamp makers giveaway!! LOL (just throwing that out there!)

Please note that if a blogger has a requirement for their giveaway to post to your sidebar and you do you will have to comment on their page and not this one to be entered.

2. Please be polite and courteous of others and their giveaways

3. There will not be any requirement to post my blog or even mention this room on your blog! We are all already SO BUSY ;) I know!! If you would like to here is the link to this group:

Participants will be added my myself or my lovely friends who have graciously offered to help as the requests come in!

4. If anyone has any questions/suggestions/comments concerns, please feel free to PM me directly, or Email at: I LOVE FEEDBACK - truly truly truly

Thank you all and I really hope that this room will produce some great results for you!! I know that it will if we all work together as a team!!

I don't know about you, but I analyze the HECK out of my stats in blogger to see what works and what doesn't - We are ALL so busy we do not have time to put into ones that do not produce ;) But, because the goal is to have others posting your giveaway on their FB page, or their respective blogs, the stats will show their site as the referring site.



    Click here to request an invite!!
Leave a giveaway, Take a Giveaway!! ;)


Jessica said...

Hi Jessica,
First I want to thank you for joining the 3 Girl JAM hop today and for all the lovely comments. I have to tell you though, I giggled when I read your compliment about Ohio being good to ppl. It made me go back to be sure I typed everything right. My oldest daughter is 16, but thank you for the lovely sentiment nonetheless. Happy to be a new follower of your blog and will be peeking in more to see what it is all about here!!!
Jessica S

Homespun Elegance said...

I thought I saw that you had kiddos rangin from ?? to 20 YO!! lol

So glad you have stopped by!!


Jessica and Mason