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“Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its hope for the best future”. Our children are not only the best hope for their family but also our community."

~John F. Kennedy
Good Morning My Friends!! Do I have some exciting news to share!!

As you may already know, the families of Sheffield's Place were the recipients of the Easter Baskets earlier this month. Well, next week, myself and Olivia Beashore, my lovely and giving young friend (She is a 17 year old College Student, forgot to mention SMART), and Katrina Pickens, my sweet friend and Mary Kay, independent Consultant, as well as Natasha Brooke, another dear friend and my Thirty-One consultant are heading over for a tour with the Director, Davick Hanzlick of Sheffield Place.  I am both very excited and a little weepy over this! I know that with the help of all of my lovely friends that we can help these mommies succeed and show them the love and support that they so desperately need. They have already been so blessed by getting into Sheffield Place. Sadly, there is a waiting list, and at times, mommies and their kiddos are turned away due to space constrictions.

What I would love for my crafty friends to help with is this! Can you make ONE CARD for Mother's Day to go to these Mommies? There are 15 in the facility, and about 35 that have been able to move out on their own with their kiddos after successfully completing the program (average 2 years). That is 50 cards!! Please mail them to:

Sheffield Place
David Hanzlick
6604 East 12th Street
Kansas City, MO    64126-2208
Attn: Mother's Day Cards

Please take the time to learn more about this fabulous organization!! It only takes a few seconds, but will leave an impression on your heart for a lifetime!!

Learn more about the mission and programs at Sheffield Place by taking a tour of the facility. Tours are offered to individuals and groups by appointment. For more information about the tours, or to arrange a tour, please contact David Hanzlick, CFRE, Director of Program and Development, at (816)483.9927 Ext 113 or

To visit their Website:

This is Andreas Story:

Andrea grew up in Johnson County, Kansas. She never imagined that she would be the victim of physical abuse and eventual homelessness. Although Andrea’s parents divorced during her grade school years, joint custody allowed Andrea to maintain close relationships with both parents. When Andrea graduated from Shawnee Mission South, nothing in her life’s circumstances suggested that her adulthood would be anything but normal.

Shortly after graduating from high school, Andrea began dating a very charismatic guy, who promised her the world. Sure, he had some problems, but Andrea felt they could overcome those together. Nothing in Andrea’s world had introduced her to domestic violence. Little did she know that her husband’s constant ridicule would lead to physical abuse.

After the birth of her first child, the ridicule turned to violence. Andrea did everything within her power to make the relationship work. Maybe if she’d just said the right thing, worked harder, or made more money, everything would be okay. Unfortunately, she began to believe his negative messages. Andrea found herself in a cycle of violence that continued to spiral out of control. Violence, abuse and ridicule were now the norm.

Andrea had another child as a way to make things work in the relationship. During her third pregnancy the violence got so bad that Andrea had to seek help at a domestic violence shelter. In addition to safety, the shelter offered Andrea counseling and support. Before long, she began to feel better about herself and her life. Life was beginning to look much different.

Andrea knew that healing from trauma on the way to self-sufficiency would require hard work. She was accepted into Sheffield Place program. With the help of case management and therapeutic services at Sheffield Place, Andrea’s life circumstances have become more positive. Her boys benefited from their time at Sheffield Place. The Children’s Clinical Services program provided individual and group therapy. These services were especially important in helping the boys heal from their trauma and understand what healthy relationships look like.

Andrea gave birth to her third son while at Sheffield Place. Although two of her children had serious medical problems, she continued to work diligently to become self-sufficiency. Between numerous pediatric appointments, Andrea has managed to apply for college and financial aid. She began attending Penn Valley Community College full-time. Andrea also took leadership roles in the Sheffield Place community.

Andrea is a new woman! She set higher standards for relationships and higher expectations for herself. Andrea’s long-term goals include owning her home. Two years ago, survival was her focus. Today Andrea and her sons are thriving as a result of the services they received at Sheffield Place


CREATIVE M said...

Hi Jessica,This is a sweet thing to do.Yes, I will donate a card.

Shelly Lynn said...

Jess... you are an amazing woman... this is truly an awesome thing you are doing!! Of course I would love to create some cards for the mothers at Sheffield Place. Thanks for letting us know about it!

Homespun Elegance said...

Oh Shelly I am so glad!! I'd love for you to come on this tour with us if you are available!! May 7th. :) Also, are looking at the Scrapbook Page for some classes!! I will let you know what the girls pick!! I would lOVE LOVE to finally meet you! :)



Homespun Elegance said...

And thank you!! I am a lucky lucky woman and have the sweetest and most incredible Son around. I have a lot of work to go on myself, but am growing everyday!

Julie said...

I got a couple cards ready to mail off tomorrow


MaryEllen said...

I put 2 cards in the mail today
It is a wonderful thing you are doing for these families