Thirty-One bags for travel, Nursery, crafting storage and more!

Good morning everyone! I am hosting a thirty-one party for my dear friend Tash! She has included LOT's of prizes and today, surprised me with this giveaway! 

First order will ALSO get as a freebie!! Today's Giveway: The 1st person to place an order for Jessica's Thirty-One Party today will get a zipper pouch, 5 cards, a pen and a nail file. Pictured below. Good Luck!! 

For the first 3 purchases here is the giveaway photo!! (Tiffany, if it is you, we will do something else because you already have this set!! :) 

Random Drawing Prizes:
1. Free Shipping
2. $5 off
3. Mini Zipper Pouch (pictured)
4. Zipper Pouch (pictured)
5. Large Utility Tote (pictured)

The new spring catalog is here!! I know I adore my thirty-one bags and have seen photos of our crafty friends traveling with their Cricuts in them!! LOL 

What I use mine for: Toy bags and Diaper bags!! Obviously for travel, and the City weekender is the PERFECT SIZE for my Cricut Expression V2!! 

The best part is, you choose the basic design of the bag you would like, THEN get to choose from one of there numerous fabrics and patterns! THEN you can personalize it!! (Choose what you want it to say, what font you want it in, AND the color thread)

My purchases for this catalog will include: Another Apron (yes, I have last seasons, but now I want one that Says HOMESPUN ELEGANCE :) woo hoo!! 

I need a Ribbon Storage Container for my loose ribbons. Erica has U-streams for purchases; Ribbons, Paper, Sew Easy products, Smash books, Stickers and Embellishments, etc and I now have a TON :) I am ordering this box and it will says RIBBONS :) 

BUT with this pattern!! 

And this rosette? Well, it's a must have at only 3.00 LOL This rosette is transferable from my Shirts (yep) to my purses :)

You can also get a BASE purse, and multiple Skins for changeouts. 

I know, seriously, this is a system overload!! LOL


TeresaK said...

Ohhh, so many favorites...but I have the Skirt purse so a new cover would be great. I really like Awesome Blossom! Thanks Jessica
Teresa K

angel4ever said...

I see two things I want! I am definitely purchasing at the end of the week!!!!! ♥

Homespun Elegance said...

Teresa K I love it too!!!!



SharonCallisCrafts said...

Oh so much coice the bags are devine, love the blossom x