Project: Helping Hands


Last year I started purchasing items after holidays on a deep clearance with the goal in mind to be able to donate Easter baskets, Back-to-school backpacks, and Christmas stockings to poverty level homes and homeless shelters in the local area.

Last year I was only able to do 2 backpacks, which were donated to a set of twins in Elementary School and were filled with Crayons, Ruled Paper Notebooks, Crayons, Pencil Holders, Glue, Colored Pencils, erasers, rulers, pens, and other school supplies. I was able to stock up on a lot of these items during the weekly back to school sales that office depot and office max run right before students go back to school. In my area, they have .01 cent sales on items: rulers, paper, crayons, glue, erasers, etc (usually 3 different items per week, and a limit of 5 per item). This year, my goal is to gather a group of my girlfriends, and make this a weekly shopping trip, so that we can purchase the maximum number of items. The most expensive part of this endeavor is actually the backpacks. I was able to find backpacks at Menards last year for 6.99 and on top of that they gave a 4.00 store credit (total 2.99 per back pack). This year, I would LOVE to be able to do at least 20 backpacks.
For Christmas last year I was able to do 30 Christmas Goody Bags. I purchased items from Oriental Trade Company, Michael’s, and Wal-mart for little trinkets, toys, stickers and crafts. I was also given donations of brand new Beanie Babies to use from a CMOP employee J

For Easter this year, I had some help from some great people. First, I got such an overwhelming response from the girls on the Design Team at My Cricut Craft Room, and they are making cards and goody Bag Toppers and shipping them to me for these baskets!! What can I say? I have some very dear and sweet friends! Also, a DARLING friend of mine thankfully provided the baskets and adorable Praying Hands and Cross Chocolates (Storage has become an issue in our basement so storing 20 Easter baskets – and hopefully more for 2013 just isn’t an option L). Her Daughter, Daughters friend, and my dear Nikole helped me last night to get the baskets together for Donation. Attached are some pics J Aren’t they Adorable!!

I want to sincerely thank my Design Team Sisters and Friends for really making this a reality. The idea of this was truly inspired by my beautiful Son, Mason. I wanted to teach him that even if you do okay for yourself, others are hurting, and truly in need; of a kind smile, a few supplies for school, an ear to listen, or a helping hand. It can only go up from here!!
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