New Design Layout and HUGE giveaway coming soon!!

Hello everyone!! Good Morning! I am SUPER excited to announce the new design on my blog!! Facebook, blinkies, etc are still under construction but coming soon!! 

(Mason and Elmo. The nurse bandaged up Elmos arm too!! :) Wasn't broken! We just had to have some tests done)

If you are interested in having a revamp on yours, I highly suggest Sarah! It was so fun working with her, and I am IN LOVE with the design! She took everything that was in my head, and laid it out beautifully! I think she knows black magic :) LOLOL Here is her website! You can do an entire make-over, or just bits-o-pieces! :) She also has a few freebies on here for your blog if you are just browsing right now! 

I have to say, I ONLY promote things that I TRULY LOVE, think are a GREAT value, and will bring smiles to mine and my readers faces! Things I promote, must have ALL THREE of these elements to make it on my blog :) Sarah Bryan obviously made all three and more!! I can not rave enough about this experience! 

In celebration of my new blog design, I am gathering up LOTS of supplies to coordinate a big giveaway in correlation with my Blinkie design next week!!!

If you are not a fan I would LOVE your support! Here are my pages: This one is done, the rest will be under construction next week :) 

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