Valentines Day Social - It's Finally Here!!

I have been eagerly waiting to bring everything together for you for the Valentine’s Day Social!! I meant to have it up yesterday for you, but in the midst of decorating, hosting, baking, cooking, playing with the little one, setting the little one down to nap, Opppps SNAP a picture, wrapping gifts, tying bows, icing cupcakes, playing YAHTZEE with my family, and the list goes on and on  there was no chance. So, I apologize, but we had a fantastic time and I am VERY happy to share our day with you and hoping that you can create a fantastic Valentine Event for your own family to share! The party was at my Mother’s house and was a very small party with her husband, two sisters, my uncle, one of their grandsons, and of course myself, Mason and Preston. The meal was soups (a taco soup and baked potato soup) and grilled cheese (pepper jack and American) sandwiches. 


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I wrapped Andes Mint Chocolates and Werther's Coffee Candies in Valentine themed Papers. To view how to decorate your candy pieces CLICK HERE

Last year after Valentines Day I scored a mini-heart cupcake maker on Clearance for 3.50!! 

I made a boxed German Chocolate Cake and added red food coloring then cut off the stem. They made delicious little snacks :) They were the perfect size for my Son to have one. I melted a bag of Marshmallows, added some milk and raspberry extract and red gel food coloring and piped it into the middle of the two hearts and turned it into the sprinkles! And there you have it! Whoopie Pies!!

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Thank you so much for visiting each day to see what I've made for the Valentine's Day Social! I did want to include my Momma's Yummy Frosting Recipe! It is sooo light and fluffy and is all she uses now (and can be sugar free! WOO HOO!!) 


1 Cup of Milk
1 package of pudding (any flavor you like) my mom's fav is White Chocolate - Sugar free for me!! 
Mix together
Add 1 tub of cool whip (Use Sugar free and Fat Free for ppl like me! or dieters :)

My Mom also put together these DARLING goody bags in the punch bowl. They are Hot Chocolate Mixes, Pink Spoons dipped in White Chocolate with red sprinkles and pink chips, the cutest fuzzy socks I've ever seen and Bath and Body Works Lotions! They were Definitely a hit!! Another Party Favor we had were Amaryllis flowers in beautiful red flower pots to grow. :)

Again, thank you so much for stopping by! IT IS NOW VALENTINES DAY! SO........


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