Girls night out and Crafting!!

I haven't been feeling up to par lately, and needing some "down time" Some of my lovely GF's came out this weekend and stayed over for a Girls Night, Pajama Party and the following day was full of crafty events!!

Here is my lovely GF Erin!! Isn't her project awesome!!? She saw some inspiration on Pintrest and made this in 2.5 seconds!! She has multiple sheets tucked under the top one to rotate for season!She amazed me with her craftiness!!

And here is my girl Rosa! Miss Rosa has started making these beautiful hair clips and headbands for her daughters (Posted below)!! And she sells out of them so quickly I still haven't gotten one!! LOL She had one in her bag this weekend when she was teaching me how to make fabric roses, and I should have snagged it when I had the chance!!

And here is Miss Ilana. Ilana was incredibly gung-ho this weekend!

Ilana: "Do you think I will have time to make more than ONE frame?"

Me: "Yeah"

Ilana: Taking ALL of the unfinished frames Michael's had left!! LOL

She had a total of 4 to work on this weekend! She was a gluing fool!! 

Here are 3 of the 4 of Ilanas Frames:

Here is Erin's Dry-erase board

and the adorable little onsie!!! Erin was like a pro after being on the Cricut Imagine for like a minute!!  I'm not kidding on all of my Provo Craft machines - the Expression, Expression 2 anniversary AND the imagine the girl ZIPPED into using it!! lol )  She was printing, flipping images and made a card by the end of the day!

Just so I am not totally  JEALOUS (and I am) ; I am going to equate it to my superb teaching skills!! :)

And here is one of Roas's Headband's :) This is the one I will be snagging the next time her bag is left unattended for even a second :) LOL I had asked her for it today, I said I wanted a picture or something, ARRGHHH and she fouled my plans! She emailed me a stinkin pic!!! lol - Little did she know next time she'd be seeing it, I will be sporting it!


Marji said...

Looks like a really fun weekend. I'd love to do that!

Homespun Elegance said...

Marji it was sooo much fun! But if you do it, have one project in mind for all of the girls to do (if they have never used a provo craft machine before)! LOL I was running around trying to show them different things and how to's. One project and all doing it together might have been easier :)