Sweet Valentines Day Treats

Here is a very quick and easy way to make decorate for any type of holiday or seasonal party - Take any type of candy -I used a Kit Kat as the packaging is red and in the color theme for Valentines Day - and selected cute paper to go with it. Cut your paper the width of the bar and enough to wrap around the bar. You can either tap on the outside or use double sided sticky tape on the inside for a seamless look.


Wrap with a twine tie off with a bow with a cute tag or button or even a heart charm would be just darling!! 

                          This is all you need! It's that easy!

Come back daily to get more tips and tricks to decorate for this year's Valentines Day Party and you will get to see it all come together at our Valentine's Hop!
Tomorrow will be quick and Easy Cupcake Toothpick Decor with your Cricut Imagine!!


Doris P. said...

so cute!! love the creativity!

Homespun Elegance said...

Thanks Doris!! What are your plans for this Vday?