Lori's Garden Imagine Cartridge

I will be hosting a retirement Party towards the end of this month where I work. The Retiree and Friend is a Bird watcher, so this Cartridge has come in VERY handy!! The Birds were cut at 2.4 inches and then flipped and cut at the same. They were stickled with diamond stickles and embellished with 3 mm pearls.

They were MUCH harder to get to fly straight - Shorter ribbon is the key here - like the length of a Christmas ornament - Also, tie a knot at the where the ribbon goes into the hole punch to help leverage it. As GORGEOUS as they birds are, I would likely not attempt to do a mobile with them unless I found a better way to level these birds - I tried so many different things - The blue birds has about 18 different holes where I tried different spots, thinking it would even the weight distribution, then, I added glue to the bottom of the wings, and the list goes on!  These will be table decor instead now :)

Thanks for stopping by! As always would LOVE to hear from you! Happy and Safe New Years to you all and your loved one! 

Jessica and Mason

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