My Pink Stamper Challenges

I can not find the original poster of this card for credit - Need to do some research, i had actually pulled it from Google Images and not the individuals Blog!! I took a picture of the printout I used for the idea :)

I was so excited in the way that this card turned out. The photo looks fairly decent, but doesn't do this card justice!!  The Snow-Tex was a first for me!!

Another First for me in the last few days was using the Dimensional Magic Mod Podge! This is the first thing I tried. It is a fantastic product!! 

MPS CHALLENGE:  In honor of this being Helen's first ever video make something new you have never made before. A new card fold, a scrapbook page--have fun!!!

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I wanted something for Mason to use on the road for his coloring and stickers and "crafting" But shhhh we can't call it that in front of Daddy! :) Mason is my little Buddy and helps me and is always sitting on my lap or in his "spot" at our crafting area. Anyhow, he needed a travel lap board. This one has a clip to hold the paper in place and a bean bag on the bottom and set's in his laps comfortably, but as you can see in the BEFORE it was hideous!! LOL I am certain his Grandparents thought I was nuts when I had said I wanted it :) Perfect timing! Just done in time for Christmas!! The Black is Vinyl and I coated the entire surface with Mod Podge glue.

MPS CHALLENGE:  Trash to Treasure

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This was for an office party. Preston's Office had a gift exchange, so he got some adorable little Superman Item Gags gifts. Having the Superman Cartridge - No way was it going out our door the way he had it wrapped!!

MPS CHALLENGE:  Make a gift box or bag.

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I got these Buttons from Preston's Grandma. I love using them because some of them really do feel vintage :) So this will be her Christmas Card this year!! Thanks Grandma Cleo! 

MPS CHALLENGE:  Make a holiday themed CARD!

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These Goody Bags were on Sale at Walgreens for 8 for 1.00!! How can you go wrong! I had purchased 64 of them for 8.00. Unbelievably, I am out and will have to restock after the Holiday - When they might have an EVEN BIGGER price break!! :) 

Next go round, though, I will select my TOP FIVE or less and stick with those - Easier to coordinate bag toppers and accents that way :)

I made these with the Cricut imagine to decorate the crayons to make them more festive. My Cricut imagine right now does not work. I am supposed to call customer support - Guess will have to wait until After holidays :( VERY SAD
 Here are some close ups of some of the other items in the baggis!! Themed tatoos are always a big hit with the Kiddos!!

And the bookmark below was made from the Doodlecharms Cartridge with ink in the Expression.
 A lot of the items were "make your own"     "color your own"      etc  

I just love promoting creativity in the youngins!! 

Last night was our dinner with some local families - 1 family has come to Kansas City from a Refugee camp in the Congo, and the other is a family (all children) from Ethiopia! All 10 siblings were adopted as to not split them up! Can you imagine the strength, generosity, and love those two parents have? AMAZING!!

Mason handed them out to the kiddos and watching them rip into them and their eyes light up was just spectacular!! I hope that they enjoy coloring their bookmarks, and their Christmas Tree Ornaments, and hang in their new home on their tree! 

 A season for Giving and Sharing! 

And here he is passing out the goodies!! He is my sweet, handsome perfect little Elf!! 


 MPS CHALLENGE:  Random Act of Kindness.  Make something for someone you don't know yet to brighten their day!
To join in the fun go to:  

Go to and have a little fun! These girls know how to do it right!!  All of the prizes are amazing!! 

  • My Pink Stamper Sets - On my Christmas list!! 
  • Cricut Snow Day Cartridge - On my Wish List
  • Cricut Mini- Brand new and Portable for our vacations!!! 
  • Cricut Jukebox - On my Christmas List!!! 
  • Gift cards to various Scrapbooking Sites - that carry MyPinkStamper Sets!!!! 

......see what I mean.....Lot's of fun and GREAT giveaways!! 

Leave a comment! What is on your wish list this year?
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