I got my Cricut Imagine!!

So I got my Imagine over the Holiday weekend, as well as the Cricut II Anniversary Edition. All so very exciting! That is why I have not been on. I have been trying to learn what I can. I have run across some interesting things that I did not know before and wanted to share!! 

First, go in to and register ALL of your products. Cartridges and Machines. Also, right now Provo Craft is running a prize giveaway on their rewards site for any party or event cartridge and the Expression II anniversary edition purchases now through mid to the end of December - I think. 

ALSO, if you have not been into the Cricut Craft Room you are MISSING OUT!!! It is amazing! And talk about NO MORE WASTED PAPER!! There was one downfall - and it was quite a large one - my projects never printed for me. They took 15 - 20 minutes to upload then would direct me back to the home screen and do nothing :( 

You do have to install drivers for each machine you run (expression, expression II, or imagine) onto your PC, but trust me guys, this is amazing and BLOWS DESIGN STUDIO OUT OF THE WATER!!! I had been having log in issues since day one on the cricut site, and was never able to get onto the site. Finally I set up a new e-mail address and was able to set up another account to get in and BOY am I glad I did!! The craft room truly blew me away!! With the exception of not printing or cutting (which I emailed them about and am sure they will be working on soon)

Also, you should update all of your machines frequently. I just got my imagine on Monday - this is Thursday - and it already had new updates - YIKES-Just go to to update

one more thing on the craft room - on a lot of peoples videos I have heard a lot of complaints about the sizing of the images for the imagine. Basically, if you were selecting a smaller size the print on that image was small, if you were selecting a larger size, it increased the size of the design to match. Some didn't like this and wanted the option to keep the print the same throughout their project - in the craft room you have that option!! It rocks!! Plus you can move around the image if it is not in the spot that you like! How cool is that. Provo Craft has REALLY knocked this one out of the ball park - now darn it, make mine PRINT :)
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