Goody Bag Favors - Crayon Boxes

These were purchased from Oriental Trading Company - 24 boxes or so for 5 bucks - they are quite small and hold 6 crayons. Perfect for the little ones! These will be for family kiddos, my Son's class goody bags, and a few shelter's in the local area. 

The packing is not very festive, so to make it more so, I wrapped the boxes in red and green paper. I measured the boxes and cut the strips to size. Super easy. Almost like wrapping itty bitty presents, except I didn't have to bother with the sides :)

Here's what you need:

Tape: I used my tape glider
Crayon boxes - I got mine at 48 for 5.00 (6 crayons per pack)
12x12 festive paper
Cricut Imagine
Enjoy the Season's Cartridge

I used the Enjoy the Seasons Imagine Cartridge and cut the snowman without any layers on page 20 @ 1 3/4 inches. The imagine can cut and print very small items! I love it! A great way to get rid of some scraps! 

####Also, there is a feature where you can change the mat size on the touch screen and I don't believe it has the 3x3 rule the expression does. I used a smaller piece for a single snowman and used up a piece of tiny scrap!! ALSO if something is printed on the other side - like a mistake - or, I keep the covers front and back to my card stock and paper stacks and use those (they uses have printed images of the paper on the front, but the inside page is white FREE CARDSTOCK)

Then I just used my tape glider and placed the snowman on the wrapped crayon box! Another festive treat to go into the kiddos goody bags this year!! I also have Jingle Bell Necklaces, Color your own Bookmarks (Instruction under Color your own bookmarks to the right), Snowman notepads, Coloring books, Tops, Tattoos, and Paddle games! What fun!

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