An Elmo Celebration!!

First, I would Like to wish Everyone a Very Merry Christmas!!
I hope that everyone enjoyed there holidays as much as I did!!

Elmo's Surprise Party is Such a Cute Little Cartridge!! At 22 Months old my Son just adores Elmo, so I decided to get a jump start on his birthday Decorations!! The Below will be the Party Banner. My Imagine stopped working on me, I was using it to make these, so once that happened, I lost steam, and went back to Christmas cards on my Expression V2. Now that Christmas is over, I will be getting back to Birthday Favors and Decorations!!

 The "Banner" was cut at 7 x 7 and the boxes or borders - stars circles etc were cut at 5 1/2. The intent is to have a yellow one in between each Elmo Cut with Font that Spells out "Let's Party"

As you can see above, I 3'D the images quite a bit :)

And that's all for now!!! Today, for Christmas, I got a 12*24 mat!! I am soooo excited! I am making a Pin the nose on Elmo for Mason's Party!! I will get on that as soon as we are home on vacation!


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