Set Sail - Birthday Coordinates!

Ahoy Mates! 

One of my darling neighbors Son is turning One!! I think it is very important to celebrate every birthday with children. It really is there favorite day of every year!! Make it special!!

For his birthday I decided to go with the Cricut Lite B is for Boy Cartridge - There were a number of really cute designs to choose from, but I really wanted it to be whimsical. So it was between the Boat - Set Sail and the Airplane - Dream to Fly. 

For some time now I have been wanted to Re-furbish a frame with paper, and see how I do! I don't thin it ended up too bad under the circumstances!! (Circumstances being I found myself needed some things that I did NOT have on hand!! - a razor or box cutter would have been nice, where did my sanding paper go, and my staple gun staples have sprouted legs and likely ended up on my Son's dad side of the basement! and no, not a jest against men - he has found MULTIPLE uses for my Jewelry tools in tweaking his guitars, and my cauterizing gun has found a home there as well!!) Oh well, back to my project

So deciding the color schemes really is more difficult than most think, huh?!? I sat there forever trying to find the right paper (Should it be stripes, polka-dots, paisley, plaid, plain, etc) for the frame, then the sky, and the water, then all of the pieces of the ship, plus, with so many blues I needed to make sure that they didn't meld together! I had about 20 papers out that I liked and decided on these. 

The frame my my first endeavor. I chose the polka-dotted blue for the frame. 

1. Place your frame on your paper
2. Measure enough to cover the sides and inside of your frame - on this 4x6 I needed one inch over the frame inside and on the outside. 
3. Cut the outter part first, leave the inside of the frame un-cut until later on. 
4. Sand your frame - It's not necessary though, I found out :) But just for good measure I would 
5. Paint Modge Podge glue all over ONLY the top surface of your frame
6. With your paper pattern side down, eyeball your frame right in the middle
7. Now glue the outter sides up one by one folding over like a Christmas package. It will be a double fold  on the back to lay properly
8.  Cut slits in the inner part of the frame from the corner of the paper to the corner of the frame - like pictured below - and crease them up
9. This is where the nightmare began! You can not block the ledge inside this frame - that is where the locks from the backing go - Glue up to that point tightly creasing every fold. I put the glass back in - it tightened the creases as it dried!! Once it dries (this is very important or your paper will tear, rip, bubble, and just plain suck) - take your handy dandy box cutter or razor blade and trim anything near the ledge. 

Pic with glass in place drying
Pic completed frame - The Cardboard colored (back of frame) piece is what I used for my next part
PHEW - The hard part is OVER - Also, while your frame is drying is a good time to start on the other peices of this project. 

Next I started on the Sky and Sea and had a ribbon separating the two, and cuttlebugged both - The sea was polka-dots and the Sky was Swirls. I actually took the easy way out and adhered everything to the back mat of the frame. 
I placed it in the frame without the glass - I will use the glass for another project somewhere down the line if I don't break it first!!

I cut the Ship from the B is for Boy Cartridge @ 3 inches and while I was on my machine cut two more @ 2 3/4 inches for the bag and card. I added Buttons to the Frame - I had thought about writing Set Sail somewhere on the frame, but figured this would be more versatile - as the mommy has another on the way :) WOOHOO
I made the ship as 3-D as possible with my pop-dots. The right sails is very 3-D and the left just slightly less. The red flag is also very 3-D. The ship base is adhered directly to the base cut. 

As always I am terribly sorry for my AWFUL pictures - they are taken with my camera phone. I do have a very nice camera that I got for my birthday last year, but it hasn't seen the light of day since I took my last photography class when I realized I had NO IDEA what I was doing :) 

On to the Card - I did the exact same thing as the frame - except I did not cuttlebug (emboss/texture) the sky, this is the base of the card and I needed to be able to stamp and write a greeting on the inside. I used one of the ships I had cut out at 2 3/4 inches and stamped Happy Birthday. I sure wish I had something that said "Set Sail", or "Ahoy", but I don't have a lot of options in stamps. 

For the bag - As some of you may know now, I love to refurbish or use what I already have - like the frame - Well, I keep ALL of my bags and even the tissue paper, and fold them up with some coordinating tissue paper to re-use later. I am frugal, but I also like to call it "eco friendly"!!

So I had this bag and Tissue paper in my stash, and just designed it to coordinate it with the set. I LOVE to use GOOGLE images whenever possible - there are a lot of cute things, and sayings that are already designed and are availbel for your immediate use. I googled Set Sail, looked under Google Images, grabbed this "Set Sail" one - You will need to know how to Crop in Microsoft Word - This was from an entire image (Shown Below), but I only wanted the saying. 
AND There you have it - One thing I didn't show, because I have to find my staples for my staple gun is that I have a satin blue 1 1/4 inch ribbon that I need to get onto the frame to be mounted - But you get the pic :)
On a side note - I thought this would take FOREVER - well I have been under the weather lately so I just got the e-vite yesterday for the party - the party is today. I finished these last night, with the exception of getting the mounting ribbon onto the frame and this was the first attempt at a frame! If I can do it you can too!!! 

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