DIY Halloween Costume and Edible Treats

I bought this outfit for my Son after halloween last year for $1.67 from Old Navy :) It didn't have a mask, so I went looking for one at a few stores. After a while, I thought DUH!!!! And as soon as I got home started flipping through my cartridges.

I used the Happy Hautings Cartridge. This is a layer so used S-RDS. I cut off the neck part of him. Before I had measured my sons head. 6 inches, and to make up for the neck part - it added a couple inches - I cut it at 7 3/4 inches. It is made from a white foam sheet. I used a deep cut housing blade medium pressure, slow speed, and double cut. I then cut off the neck paice and inked with black ink around the eyes, nose, mouth and cheeks. Last minute I put a crack in the skull with a regular sharpee marker. I can't WAIT for next year!! I am ready this time!!

I made brownie bites for my Son's class for their party today. These were made from a betty crocker brownie mix - easy peasy - and a mini - cupcake pan. I had always wondered why brownie bites never come in the wrapper like cupcakes do - Well, I found out!! They are SOOOO hard to get out of them without messing up the cupcake - So WORD TO THE WISE - use a non-stick cupcake pan, and pour directly in. No wrappers :) I also tried some with butterscotch chips in them. Not a good idea with OR without the wrapper for these minis!!

I cut out the stencil of the spider web from the happy hautings cartridge at 2 1/4 inches, placed it on the top of the brownie and spritzed the top lightly with butter to help the powdered sugar stick. Pull up the template, and lightly coat with powdered sugar - I used a tiny strainer and it worked PERFECTLY :) I did have to use a couple of templates as the butter spritz clogged up some of the smaller holes in the web.

Topped off with some spider rings and off we go!!

I hope that you enjoy and have a great halloween!!!
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