DIY Kids Room Decor with Cricut

I made this for my Son's Bedroom!! He has been so excited and loves saying "Lion, GRRRRRR" And points to the eyes, noses, ears and mouths of all of the animals!!


First, I bought a package of 5 canvases size 22*28 for 12.99 on sale at Michales! Who doesn't love a great sale!? But you can get yours at the same price if they are not on sale. Go to and print off their 40% off any item coupon - The 5 pack is regularly 19.99. They will not use the coupon if the item is on sale. You can also purchase a smaller canvas if you wanted to do groupings. I can't remember the exact dimensions, but they are 19.99 full price (+ 40% off coupon = 12.99) for a package of 7 of these canvases!!

I painted the background in blues and green about 3/4ths sky and 1/4 grass. I added in some white in the sky to resemble clouds.  I used quite a few cartridges on this canvas!!

Sweethearts Cartridge - Monkeys and the branches and leaves @ 2 3/4 in and 3 1/4 in - I used the flip feature to get them swinging in different directions. Also, I had a foam pack from walmart of adhesive foam  (40 pieces for less than 5.00) I wanted his canvas to be as 3-D as I could get it. I cut out the monkeys faces and leaves in different colors and sizes.

Pooh and Friends Cartridge - Grass and Sun - The sun is at 3 3/4 inches. I just slightly turned the sun to give it more rays than what the cartridge suggests, and used double sided tape (pop dots - some people use pop-dots, but double sided sticky tape is much more cost effective) to give it dimension. The grass is also from Pooh and Friends - it is cut at various sizes and different colors.

Birthday Bash Cartridge- Elephant and Tiger - The elephant was cut at 4 3/4 inches and the tiger at 5 with all layers - I used Googly eyes on all of the animals. I cuttlebugged the elephants skin for texture and used real buttons on the tiger.

New Arrival Cartridge - The giraffe was cut at 5 inches also - I used the inkers (The small foam circle blotters used to ink the edges of your projects) and created orange circles on the giraffe. It is hard to tell in the photos
Because I used multiple cuts for layers, etc, there were a lot of die cuts that I couldn't use - I always save these for my Son's class and they get to do art projects with them! I also save my negative images and scraps and use my punches for them. It's always a great treat to take them in, and see all of the kid's projects with them!!
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