DIY Word Album - Grandma

This book was made from Cereal Boxes!! What a fantastic way to recycle!! Ritz cracker boxes, cereal, hot pockets, anything that is made from chipboard - not cardboard, which has a corrugated piece in the middle.

I cut the Letters to Spell out Grandma at 5 1/4 inches in the tall ball shadow

I cut each peice of rectangle chipboard to fit the edge of the letters, and slightly longer than the last peice.

G-R-A-N-D-M-A is a VERY LONG word to use for these books! So keep that in mind when doing yours!! BUT THEY ARE excellent and thoughtful gifts, and brought tears to this grandma's eyes!! 

I looked up Grandma Acronyms, quotes, and sayings and selected my favorites
I printed them on Vellum Paper, just remember to change fonts and sizes, even within one phrase!! Like above

I used Pictures cut to size, Buttons, Flowers, and Charms to decorate each page

And used a simple hole punch to punch each page - DO THIS BEFORE YOU DECORATE - And bound it together with a black sheer ribbon.

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