Celebrate Sunshine!

This card is from my new "Walk in my Garden" Cartridge, It has some very cute cuts on it. I used the Vase and Sunflower for this card. I cut the leaves off of the stems of the sunflowers to make them fit into the Vase.

The vase is cut at inches 4 1/4 inches. I cut one in Vellum and the other in a pearlescent white cardstock to make it look like frosted glass.

The sunflowers are cut at 4 1/4, 4 3/4, and 5 1/4. The main card is an 8 1/2 by 11 Sheet of white card stock scored and folded in half. I lined the front with a pink polka dot paper.

I used Zip dry glue on the top and Bottom of the vase to adhere it, but left the very top open so I could insert the sunflowers.

I used my "celebrate Sunshine" Stamp on a piece of white scrap paper and sized to fit. I also lined the bottom of the card with Ribbon.

I used a pale yellow ribbon and tied a bow around the vase.

I always like things to be a little off-center, and extending over the edge of the cards :) I used the 3 of the leaves I had cut off and placed them around the sunflowers.

Sorry the above picture isn't better, but I used my Zip dry glue to mimic the look of water. I coated the bottom of the vase with zip dry glue. I would've liked it to be a bit more noticeable, but in person it looks better than these pictures show. Hopefully one of these days I will use something other than my phone camera :)

I inked the edges of the phrase in a deep purple and stamped in a deep blue. I lined the side of the card with three lime green buttons with my zip dry glue. I used my double sided sticky tape cut to size and popped the centers of the sunflowers for some dimension, and the phrase.

Lessons learned - This was the first time I used adhesive tapes - the ones that look like white-out tape. I liked them in some cases, for instance putting on the Pink Polka-dot paper, but I didn't like it on the sunflowers. With the zip dry glue, you still have some time to move the paper around before it dries. With the tape runners I did not. So I will use my tape runners on larger pieces that won't be moved, but I love my zip dry glue. I think it is a must have! But for the price I am happy to have the tape runners for larger items, and not waste the glue.
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