Canvas Art - Ballerina

This is from the Twinkle Toes Cartridge, Isn't she darling!!
 I used Brads for her blue eyes. and Ribbon at her waist. She is cut a 5 1/4 inches.

I used the Ballerina Banner and Stone Script for name on the banner. I accented with Rhinestones.

The Flowers were cut form the Sweethearts Cartridge

I still am not sure what I will do to fill the rest of the canvas! Leave comments and let me know what you think!!


Baby It's Cold Outside

A scrapbook page for my Son's Christmas photo's from last year. I am a bit behind on his scrapbook!!


Celebrate Sunshine!

This card is from my new "Walk in my Garden" Cartridge, It has some very cute cuts on it. I used the Vase and Sunflower for this card. I cut the leaves off of the stems of the sunflowers to make them fit into the Vase.

The vase is cut at inches 4 1/4 inches. I cut one in Vellum and the other in a pearlescent white cardstock to make it look like frosted glass.

The sunflowers are cut at 4 1/4, 4 3/4, and 5 1/4. The main card is an 8 1/2 by 11 Sheet of white card stock scored and folded in half. I lined the front with a pink polka dot paper.

I used Zip dry glue on the top and Bottom of the vase to adhere it, but left the very top open so I could insert the sunflowers.

I used my "celebrate Sunshine" Stamp on a piece of white scrap paper and sized to fit. I also lined the bottom of the card with Ribbon.

I used a pale yellow ribbon and tied a bow around the vase.

I always like things to be a little off-center, and extending over the edge of the cards :) I used the 3 of the leaves I had cut off and placed them around the sunflowers.

Sorry the above picture isn't better, but I used my Zip dry glue to mimic the look of water. I coated the bottom of the vase with zip dry glue. I would've liked it to be a bit more noticeable, but in person it looks better than these pictures show. Hopefully one of these days I will use something other than my phone camera :)

I inked the edges of the phrase in a deep purple and stamped in a deep blue. I lined the side of the card with three lime green buttons with my zip dry glue. I used my double sided sticky tape cut to size and popped the centers of the sunflowers for some dimension, and the phrase.

Lessons learned - This was the first time I used adhesive tapes - the ones that look like white-out tape. I liked them in some cases, for instance putting on the Pink Polka-dot paper, but I didn't like it on the sunflowers. With the zip dry glue, you still have some time to move the paper around before it dries. With the tape runners I did not. So I will use my tape runners on larger pieces that won't be moved, but I love my zip dry glue. I think it is a must have! But for the price I am happy to have the tape runners for larger items, and not waste the glue.


DIY Kids Room Decor with Cricut

I made this for my Son's Bedroom!! He has been so excited and loves saying "Lion, GRRRRRR" And points to the eyes, noses, ears and mouths of all of the animals!!


First, I bought a package of 5 canvases size 22*28 for 12.99 on sale at Michales! Who doesn't love a great sale!? But you can get yours at the same price if they are not on sale. Go to and print off their 40% off any item coupon - The 5 pack is regularly 19.99. They will not use the coupon if the item is on sale. You can also purchase a smaller canvas if you wanted to do groupings. I can't remember the exact dimensions, but they are 19.99 full price (+ 40% off coupon = 12.99) for a package of 7 of these canvases!!

I painted the background in blues and green about 3/4ths sky and 1/4 grass. I added in some white in the sky to resemble clouds.  I used quite a few cartridges on this canvas!!

Sweethearts Cartridge - Monkeys and the branches and leaves @ 2 3/4 in and 3 1/4 in - I used the flip feature to get them swinging in different directions. Also, I had a foam pack from walmart of adhesive foam  (40 pieces for less than 5.00) I wanted his canvas to be as 3-D as I could get it. I cut out the monkeys faces and leaves in different colors and sizes.

Pooh and Friends Cartridge - Grass and Sun - The sun is at 3 3/4 inches. I just slightly turned the sun to give it more rays than what the cartridge suggests, and used double sided tape (pop dots - some people use pop-dots, but double sided sticky tape is much more cost effective) to give it dimension. The grass is also from Pooh and Friends - it is cut at various sizes and different colors.

Birthday Bash Cartridge- Elephant and Tiger - The elephant was cut at 4 3/4 inches and the tiger at 5 with all layers - I used Googly eyes on all of the animals. I cuttlebugged the elephants skin for texture and used real buttons on the tiger.

New Arrival Cartridge - The giraffe was cut at 5 inches also - I used the inkers (The small foam circle blotters used to ink the edges of your projects) and created orange circles on the giraffe. It is hard to tell in the photos
Because I used multiple cuts for layers, etc, there were a lot of die cuts that I couldn't use - I always save these for my Son's class and they get to do art projects with them! I also save my negative images and scraps and use my punches for them. It's always a great treat to take them in, and see all of the kid's projects with them!!


Smooth Dancers - Nifty Fifties Cartridge

My grandmother asked me to make her something like the card I had done for her, for their dancing class. They are called the Smooth Dancers :) She should be getting it in the mail soon!!

Happy Hauntings Gift Box!

This is cut from a 12x12 inch orange card stock at fit to page
Remember when using fit to page - you need to note the size it cuts at, so that you can cut your layers at that size! The layers on this one are the Green Stems.

I stock up on goodies after Holidays from walmart and get lot's of goodies for pennies! These will be the gift boxes for my Son's class for Halloween this year!

I love my Happy Hauntings Cartridge!


Mermaid Princess

This card and goody bag was made for my friend Jessica's Daughter - She turned four this past month! She LOVES mermaids, and has the most beautiful strawberry blonde hair. I think these turned out just perfect!

Her Goody Bag contained some girlie stamps and ink, Princess Lip Gloss, a note pad, and other little goodies only fit for a princess mermaid!!


DIY Word Album - Grandma

This book was made from Cereal Boxes!! What a fantastic way to recycle!! Ritz cracker boxes, cereal, hot pockets, anything that is made from chipboard - not cardboard, which has a corrugated piece in the middle.

I cut the Letters to Spell out Grandma at 5 1/4 inches in the tall ball shadow

I cut each peice of rectangle chipboard to fit the edge of the letters, and slightly longer than the last peice.

G-R-A-N-D-M-A is a VERY LONG word to use for these books! So keep that in mind when doing yours!! BUT THEY ARE excellent and thoughtful gifts, and brought tears to this grandma's eyes!! 

I looked up Grandma Acronyms, quotes, and sayings and selected my favorites
I printed them on Vellum Paper, just remember to change fonts and sizes, even within one phrase!! Like above

I used Pictures cut to size, Buttons, Flowers, and Charms to decorate each page

And used a simple hole punch to punch each page - DO THIS BEFORE YOU DECORATE - And bound it together with a black sheer ribbon.