Pooh Bear Scrapbook Page

The Pooh and Friends Cartridge does some of the most intricate cuts, and layers that I have seen thus far! But wow, everything I've attempted to do with this cartridge has been very time consuming, but also worth it!

Look at the detail in the log! This was with 3 shades of brown and black as the base. No shadow.

I thought the post would be perfect for your little ones full name!

The frame and the post have brads on them. 

For the grass I cut on 3 different colors and 3 different sizes. I also used the"flip" button on my cricut so that not all of them were the same.

LESSON LEARNED: Cut out everything first, then place it around your page THEN glue :) I glued the grass down first, and I knew I had wanted a bit of layered look, but it was extremely hard once the glue was in place. I also bent and curled the blades of the grass for a more realistic look.

The details in this cartridge are just exceptional!!
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