Flocking Fun!! Step by Step Tutorial

I found some flocking powder on Clearance at Michaels a couple of weeks ago, and for .49 cents for the four (4) I couldn't pass it up. I didn't know how to use it, or really even what it was for! Thank goodness for Blogs! I looked up some projects and how it is used, and voila! now I'm a pro and you can be too! This stuff is GREAT!! It adds a velvet texture to your paper!

I decided to use my Pooh and friends Cricut Cartridge. I cut him out with all layers at 4 1/4 inches. Isn't he just darling already!

Here are my tools! Modge Podge Glue, my cricut spatula, a paint brush, all of my layers, a tray with a funnel at the bottom (This tool is fantastic No more using paper and trying to funnel it back into the tub) and redflocking powder.

I decided to flock Pooh bears shirt in the Red Powder. I painted on the modge podge glue and covered it in the flocking powder.

Tap the excess back into your funnel tray and dump it back into your flocking container!

Here is his Flocked shirt!! :)

Glue on all of the layers. I usually use Zip dry glue, but it is a very small bottle, and somewhat expensive, so I tried using the modge podge and painting oon the layers - Some scrappers use an adhesive tape - Like white out - but i am concerned about longetivity, but have not tried it yet~! So many scrappers do it this way, so I am sure that it is just fine!

And here he is!! I have no idea what I will do this guy, but I had to use my flocking!! The orange in the pack will be great for tigger in this cartridge on his fur!!

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Wandy said...

Omg that's amazing!!!! Thanks for showing how to use flocking powder!!! Pooh looks so adorable!!! :) going shopping for flocking powder and mod podge!!! Woo hooooo!!!!