DIY Superman Gift Bag in a flash

Preston had a Gift Exchange at his office to go to, and there was no way he was taking the Superman gifts out like he had them wrapped.  Having a boy, and knowing I would likely use the Superman Cartridge Someday I ordered it a few months back! It came in Handy!! In just a few minutes I was able to accessorize this red bag for the PERFECT SUPER HERO!!


It really just took a couple of minutes to get together!! I love having so many great Cartridges on Hand!

Top it off with red and blue coordinating tissue paper and out the door he went! Everyone LOVED it :)

Christmas is on It's Way!!

Is she not the sweetest image!! There are two on the Snow Angels Imagine Cartridge of this sweet girl, and I had to use both of them this year!!


The Blue Card base is cut at a 5*7 and She is cut at 4 3/4.

I stamped the Sentiment "Christmas is on it's way" on some Kraft paper and used stickles all over the entire card for a snowy look.

Ribbon up the Right side with a little slip knot!

Thanks so much for looking! PLEASE feel free to leave comments or ideas! I LOVE READING THEM!!

A Very Merry Christmas

This Sweet Dear was cut from the Cricut Imagine - Before my imagine stopped workingk, I got a few sweet and adorable cuts off of it. This was certainly one of them!! I will be so thrilled when we can get it fixed!!

The Base is a White Card Stock Distressed With a brown ink -
The Blue is from a Boys will be boys CardStock Pack
The Ribbon is from Celebrations - Michaels - 75 % off sale!! I LOVES the vintage feel of this ribbon so I stocked up at 49 cents to use to wrap gifts for next year as well!!
The Tag is a cut form the stock images in the imagine with Veluum on top - distressed with Brown
A Brad and Bow on top and stamped a very merry christmas

Happy Holidays! Enjoy!!! From our family to yours!!

An Elmo Celebration!!

First, I would Like to wish Everyone a Very Merry Christmas!!
I hope that everyone enjoyed there holidays as much as I did!!

Elmo's Surprise Party is Such a Cute Little Cartridge!! At 22 Months old my Son just adores Elmo, so I decided to get a jump start on his birthday Decorations!! The Below will be the Party Banner. My Imagine stopped working on me, I was using it to make these, so once that happened, I lost steam, and went back to Christmas cards on my Expression V2. Now that Christmas is over, I will be getting back to Birthday Favors and Decorations!!

 The "Banner" was cut at 7 x 7 and the boxes or borders - stars circles etc were cut at 5 1/2. The intent is to have a yellow one in between each Elmo Cut with Font that Spells out "Let's Party"

As you can see above, I 3'D the images quite a bit :)

And that's all for now!!! Today, for Christmas, I got a 12*24 mat!! I am soooo excited! I am making a Pin the nose on Elmo for Mason's Party!! I will get on that as soon as we are home on vacation!



Need your help!

One of my dear friends for years - we were stationed in the US Coast Guard together for years in Seattle - has put this together for me!! Isn't she brilliant!? Thank you Jessica!! She also does some amazing photography and fantasy photography!! Check her out at

I love you my dear friend!! Happy Holidays to you, Jay and Jon!

So here is what I need from you guys!! Leave a comment on the Digi-image below, and place a vote on the right on if this is the image you would like to see for MommyCricuteer!!

PS We may be playing with the kitchen in the background, lightening eyebrows, etc :)


My Pink Stamper Challenges

I can not find the original poster of this card for credit - Need to do some research, i had actually pulled it from Google Images and not the individuals Blog!! I took a picture of the printout I used for the idea :)

I was so excited in the way that this card turned out. The photo looks fairly decent, but doesn't do this card justice!!  The Snow-Tex was a first for me!!

Another First for me in the last few days was using the Dimensional Magic Mod Podge! This is the first thing I tried. It is a fantastic product!! 

MPS CHALLENGE:  In honor of this being Helen's first ever video make something new you have never made before. A new card fold, a scrapbook page--have fun!!!

To join in the fun go to:




I wanted something for Mason to use on the road for his coloring and stickers and "crafting" But shhhh we can't call it that in front of Daddy! :) Mason is my little Buddy and helps me and is always sitting on my lap or in his "spot" at our crafting area. Anyhow, he needed a travel lap board. This one has a clip to hold the paper in place and a bean bag on the bottom and set's in his laps comfortably, but as you can see in the BEFORE it was hideous!! LOL I am certain his Grandparents thought I was nuts when I had said I wanted it :) Perfect timing! Just done in time for Christmas!! The Black is Vinyl and I coated the entire surface with Mod Podge glue.

MPS CHALLENGE:  Trash to Treasure

To join in the fun go to:

This was for an office party. Preston's Office had a gift exchange, so he got some adorable little Superman Item Gags gifts. Having the Superman Cartridge - No way was it going out our door the way he had it wrapped!!

MPS CHALLENGE:  Make a gift box or bag.

To join in the fun go to:

I got these Buttons from Preston's Grandma. I love using them because some of them really do feel vintage :) So this will be her Christmas Card this year!! Thanks Grandma Cleo! 

MPS CHALLENGE:  Make a holiday themed CARD!

To join in the fun go to:

These Goody Bags were on Sale at Walgreens for 8 for 1.00!! How can you go wrong! I had purchased 64 of them for 8.00. Unbelievably, I am out and will have to restock after the Holiday - When they might have an EVEN BIGGER price break!! :) 

Next go round, though, I will select my TOP FIVE or less and stick with those - Easier to coordinate bag toppers and accents that way :)

I made these with the Cricut imagine to decorate the crayons to make them more festive. My Cricut imagine right now does not work. I am supposed to call customer support - Guess will have to wait until After holidays :( VERY SAD
 Here are some close ups of some of the other items in the baggis!! Themed tatoos are always a big hit with the Kiddos!!

And the bookmark below was made from the Doodlecharms Cartridge with ink in the Expression.
 A lot of the items were "make your own"     "color your own"      etc  

I just love promoting creativity in the youngins!! 

Last night was our dinner with some local families - 1 family has come to Kansas City from a Refugee camp in the Congo, and the other is a family (all children) from Ethiopia! All 10 siblings were adopted as to not split them up! Can you imagine the strength, generosity, and love those two parents have? AMAZING!!

Mason handed them out to the kiddos and watching them rip into them and their eyes light up was just spectacular!! I hope that they enjoy coloring their bookmarks, and their Christmas Tree Ornaments, and hang in their new home on their tree! 

 A season for Giving and Sharing! 

And here he is passing out the goodies!! He is my sweet, handsome perfect little Elf!! 


 MPS CHALLENGE:  Random Act of Kindness.  Make something for someone you don't know yet to brighten their day!
To join in the fun go to:  


Christmas Cards made Easy with the Cricut Imagine

Our wee one has been sick for quite some time now with whatever has been going around! Thank goodness he is feeling better now!

Other than that, I have been going Christmas Crazy!! Life in my world has been in the fast lane! With Goody Bags, Christmas Parties, Potlucks, Gift Exchanges, and of course the cards!!...... I am one tired pup!

I was averaging about 96 cookies per night - sometime between 8:30 pm and midnight (after Son went to sleep!) But I ended up filling 25 2 pound containers full of cookies for Co-workers, Friends, and Neighbors. Inside were gifts of yummy Amish Friendship Bread, Peanut Butter cookies, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookies, Spritz Almond cookies, and traditional Chocolate Chip Cookies. 

Anyhow, here are a few cards I made with my imagine. It really does make card making fun!

I love these little snowflakes! And adding a few sticklers really make them shine!

 I will be back shortly to update more!! Another Holiday Party to attend! Happy Holidays Everyone! 


DIY Tinkerbell Bookmark with Cricut

Sometimes I make something, and I sit back and think "Holy Cow I Made that!!?

Oddly, this was one of those projects, and it was very minimal creativity, and all just gluing peices together and selecting sizes really!

I think this tink face is so darling! They have many features, other;s with elaborate wings, etc, but since I hadn't used this cart before, I wanted to test drive it first :) Next time will be a bit more extravagant!

The bookmark is from Tags, bags boxes and more, and was sized in the Cricut Craft room to 2 1/4 by 6 in.

In addition I used resin coordination flowers, coordinating ribbon, a pearl earring, stickles in her hair band, and modge podged her. I also stamped the recipients name on the bottom of the bookmark. Was a VERY simple, and easy little gift :)

Hiding in My Craft Room Challenge - Blues!!

The Challenge at Hiding in my craft room was to use blues and neutral colors. I found it quite difficult!  You can enter yours here!

I haven't entered challenges but once before - hope this goes well!!! Wish me luck! 


Yummy Imagine = De-LICIOUS

I just got the Yummy cart in for my imagine and am LOVING it!! It has the most scrumptalicious designs!! And if you like stickles, this is the cart for it!! I need to get back to my Christmas cards, but I had to have a little fun with this cart first.

I started this card out a little differently. I have a difficult time making envelopes to fit my cards, so I made my envelope first. I chose an envelope from Wild Card Cartridge and printed it on both sides (so I didn't have to do a liner) on my imagine. I used a print from the Yummy Imagine Cart. I then cut out the envelope fit to page on page 81 of the Wild Card cartridge. After it cut and I assembled it, I measured how large the card could be. It was a 4.5x4.5 square. I cut my cardstock at 4 1/2 x 9 and scored in half. 

(Sorry about the crayon, my Son sits at my table with me and colors while I play :) 
I used My Minds Eye cardstock "Loves Nest" on both the card, and the inside liner for the card. I inked the edges of both the card and liner with a celery green. I used the cupcake from page 3 at 2 3/4 in of the Yummy cartridge and used the layer feature on the frosting and cherry. I used clear stickles on some of the paisley patterns on the cupcake wrapper. I LOVE the way it turned out!!! 

I also used the pre-programmed shapes in the imagine (the circle with scalloped edges) and filled it with a darker pattern since everything else was so light. I inked the edges with a bronze ink. 

I stamped the bottom with a Happy Birthday Stamp also in bronze, and placed pink satin ribbon under it all.


Better Together imagine cart with Wild Card cricut cart

One thing I love about my imagine is that you can use your regular cricut cartridges and flood them with any of the papers from any of the imagine cartridges. These images and papers are from the Better Together Imagine Cartridge - The card shape, envelope shape, card liner, and envelope liner are all from the Wild Card Cartridge 

I stickled the white starbursts with Diamond Stickles.

Goody Bag Favors - Crayon Boxes

These were purchased from Oriental Trading Company - 24 boxes or so for 5 bucks - they are quite small and hold 6 crayons. Perfect for the little ones! These will be for family kiddos, my Son's class goody bags, and a few shelter's in the local area. 

The packing is not very festive, so to make it more so, I wrapped the boxes in red and green paper. I measured the boxes and cut the strips to size. Super easy. Almost like wrapping itty bitty presents, except I didn't have to bother with the sides :)

Here's what you need:

Tape: I used my tape glider
Crayon boxes - I got mine at 48 for 5.00 (6 crayons per pack)
12x12 festive paper
Cricut Imagine
Enjoy the Season's Cartridge

I used the Enjoy the Seasons Imagine Cartridge and cut the snowman without any layers on page 20 @ 1 3/4 inches. The imagine can cut and print very small items! I love it! A great way to get rid of some scraps! 

####Also, there is a feature where you can change the mat size on the touch screen and I don't believe it has the 3x3 rule the expression does. I used a smaller piece for a single snowman and used up a piece of tiny scrap!! ALSO if something is printed on the other side - like a mistake - or, I keep the covers front and back to my card stock and paper stacks and use those (they uses have printed images of the paper on the front, but the inside page is white FREE CARDSTOCK)

Then I just used my tape glider and placed the snowman on the wrapped crayon box! Another festive treat to go into the kiddos goody bags this year!! I also have Jingle Bell Necklaces, Color your own Bookmarks (Instruction under Color your own bookmarks to the right), Snowman notepads, Coloring books, Tops, Tattoos, and Paddle games! What fun!